DVD Review: Love, Chunibyo & Other Delusions Heart Throb – The Complete Series


After several months of delay’s Love, Chunibyo & Other Delusions Heart Throb is finally about to be released within the UK on DVD and Blu-ray via Manga Entertainment; but what can one expect to receive from this release? Well let’s take a look in our latest review. Read more of this post

Anime Limited Confirm Claymore Collector’s Edition Blu-ray Details


Claymore, a series which was previously released on DVD in the UK via Manga Entertainment UK, will be re-released next year on to Blu-ray via Anime Limited and while this has been known for quite some time it’s not been known what to expect from the ‘expected’ Collector’s Edition release of the series. Well over the past few days Anime Limited took to their blog to unveil just what one could expect from this release, and it looks pretty nice. Read more of this post

Death Note Comparison – Which is Superior? The DVD or Blu-ray?


Manga Entertainment UK will soon be releasing the iconic murder-mystery-thriller anime Death Note onto Blu-ray; but what can one expect from the overall quality and will it be better than the already released, and much cheaper, DVD variation? Read more of this post

Blu-ray Review: The Perfect Insider – The Complete Series


It’s been quite-a-while since we had a good ‘crime-solving-thriller’ anime in the UK market but that’s pretty much what The Perfect Insider intends to deliver; but how did we find this series to be? Well lets take a look at Animatsu Entertainment’s Blu-ray release of The Perfect Insider – The Complete Series. Read more of this post

Jormungand – Season 1 & Season 2 (Blu-ray / DVD Combo Pack) – REGION FREE

Jormungand – Season 1 & Season 2 (Blu-ray / DVD Combo Pack)

BD Region: A & B (Confirmed Playable in the UK)
– Boxart states Region B Compatible

DVD Region: 1,2 & 4 (Confirmed Playable in the UK)
– Boxart states Region 2 Compatible

Price: £43.58 (Includes Postage)

Episodes: 1 – 24 (4 Blu-ray & 4 DVD)

Plot: Jonah is a child soldier and the newest bodyguard for Koko, an international arms dealer with an entourage of hired guns. The cold-blooded kid hates Koko’s line of work, but following her into the darkest corners of the black market might be the only way he can find those responsible for his family’s slaughter.

Besides, his employer isn’t like most merchants of death. She uses guile and cutthroat tactics to keep her clients armed to the teeth – all while cultivating her own warped plan for the future of world peace. With the CIA desperate for her capture, assassins eager to collect her head, and the potential for every contract to end in ultra-violence, Koko and her comrades in arms bring the boom to every corner of the world.


Manga Entertainment UK have previously released both seasons of Jormungand on DVD and Blu-ray within the UK. This UK release also uses the same disc masters provided by FUNimation.

Manga Entertainment UK To Release DRAMAtical Murder within the UK


It seems Manga Entertainment UK may have had a wider-selection of titles to announce at the MCM London Comic Con than what was initally supplied to Comic Con attendees as the online retailer anime-on-line have updated their product listing to reveal that a UK Blu-ray and DVD Combo Pack version of DRAMAtical Murder will be released by Manga Entertainment UK during February next year. Read more of this post

DVD Review: Photo Kano – The Complete Series


Can a camera open your heart up to female affection? Well according to the franchise Photo Kano; so what can one expect to receive from MVM Entertainment’s latest DVD (and Blu-ray) release? Well let’s take a look!


During Kazuya Maeda’s first year of high school he felt like a nobody, just another forgotten face shuffling through the crowded hallways. Even his best friend from childhood, Nimi, seemed somehow more difficult to approach, since she had matured a little quicker in the unsettling way that girls have a habit of doing.

This year, however, things will be different for Kazuya, and part of that change may just be because of the big new chick magnet hanging in front of him: the used digital SLR he just received from his dad! But will just having a camera be enough to make talking to girls a snap? Well, if he stays focused and proves to be good enough at making them look good, it might just be! And since it’s digital, there are no negatives or having to wait for things to develop! Read more of this post

MVM’s Blu-ray Release of the Original Berserk Anime Series Delayed Until Next Year


MVM Entertainment have today taken to social media to reveal that their upcoming ‘Collector’s Edition’ Blu-ray release of the original Berserk TV Anime Series has been delayed until next year. Read more of this post

Gonna Be the Twin Tail! Ain’t Going Anywhere… Just Yet! It’s Now Coming Out in October!


Just when we thought FUNimation’s UK Blu-ray and DVD Combo Pack release of Gonna Be the Twin-Tail! was making some steady progress after being approved by the BBFC and receiving a confirmed release date it now seems that fans of the show will have to wait that little bit longer… as once again the title has been delayed. Read more of this post

Unboxing: Attack on Titan – Season 1 (Blu-ray) [UK]


Earlier in the year Manga Entertainment UK re-released the first season of Attack on Titan as a complete season box set in an attempt to not only fix concerns over the first half of the series, which saw the bonus features stripped onto a DVD as part of the Deluxe Collector’s Edition (which we unboxed here); but to give potential newcomers to the franchise everything they would need within a single purchase. So is this Attack on Titan Blu-ray (which is also available on DVD) worth it? or is it just another missed oppurtunity by MangaUK? Well let’s take a closer look in our unboxing. Read more of this post