Death Note Comparison – Which is Superior? The DVD or Blu-ray?


Manga Entertainment UK will soon be releasing the iconic murder-mystery-thriller anime Death Note onto Blu-ray; but what can one expect from the overall quality and will it be better than the already released, and much cheaper, DVD variation? Read more of this post

Transformers: The Movie Comparison – Which is Superior? The Anniversary Blu-ray, The Metrodome Blu-ray or the Ultimate Edition DVD


Throughout the past thirty years The Transformers Movie has received countless releases since its theatrical debut in 1986 and now, for it’s 30th Anniversary, Manga Entertainment UK have teamed-up with Shout Factory to provide fans with a new High Definition Blu-ray release of the film. Read more of this post

Dragon Ball Z: Season 1 Comparison – Which is Superior the DVD or Blu-ray Season Set?

With FUNimation re-releasing Dragon Ball Z as Blu-ray Season sets I think it is time we take a look to see which ‘season set’ is superior, the Orange Brick DVD Sets or the newly released Blu-ray Season sets.

For this particular comparison I will only be comparing screenshots from the US DVD Release of Dragon Ball Z – Season 1 (i.e. the Orange Brick) and the newly released Dragon Ball Z – Season 1 Blu-ray. The reason for this is that they feature the same physical content (episode-wise) and have been ‘Digitally Remastered’ in the same sort of fashion, by cropping the picture into 16:9 Widescreen, as opposed to its original 4:3 Aspect Ratio, as well as performing some digital restoration on the picture.

Either way, with the introductions over lets take a look at some comparisons. Read more of this post

Cowboy Bebop Comparison – Which is Superior DVD or Blu-ray?

Anime Limited’s debut Blu-ray Release is the first half of Cowboy Bebop, however considering the age of the series (and the amount of times it has been released) is it worth having a Blu-ray Release for it?

To me (and many others) the answer will obviously be “Yes!” but to the standard viewer (and to those who don’t own a Blu-ray Player) the answer would most likely be “No!”, which is a shame seeing as the High Definition version offers so much more, and that’s just in visual quality.

Blu-ray Screenshot (Taken from the Upcoming Cowboy Bebop – Box 1 Collection):


DVD Screenshot (Taken from the BEEZ Released Cowboy Bebop: Remix Collection):


-Thanks to @Robert88UK for the DVD Screenshot.

This is just a ‘small’ example of the differences between High Definition (Blu-ray) and Standard Definition (DVD), however it also shows if a HD Re-master process is done correctly the final product can rival shows that have been created in High Definition.

The Blu-ray (High Definition) screenshot was taken from the upcoming Anime Limited Blu-ray, which uses the newly created HD Masters from Japan, but it’s worth noting that the DVD (Standard Definition) Screenshot was taken from the BEEZ Released “Remix Collection” which featured a re-mastered Audio and improved picture quality. While the Blu-ray will use the  Japanese HD Masters its unclear if the Anime Limited DVD Release (which is released in September) will also use the newer masters instead of the previously released ‘Remix’ edition. If the upcoming DVD release features the newer masters then the picture quality will improve slightly, but it still won’t be as good as the Blu-ray.

Anime Limited’s debut Blu-ray release of Cowboy Bebop – Box 1 will be available on the 29th July 2013.