Kenji Itoso’s “Coluboccoro” Reaches Kickstarter Goal


Earlier in the month we mentioned that Kenji Itoso had launched a new kickstarter campaign for his unique anime episode Coluboccoro; well over the past few days that Kickstarter managed to secure its inital $38,000 target and as a result the animation project will be produced.

Its not just the animation the project  that will be produced either; as part of the inital target was that an English Dub would also be produced for the episode;  and to celebrate this fact a short three minute preview, which both shows the anaimation and voice acting, has been released.

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Kenji Itoso Launches His Next Anime-Themed Kickstarter; Introducing Coluboccoro


Following on from the success of his previous two kickstarter campaigns Kenji Itoso, a producer known for his work on Yu-Gi-Oh! and Santa’s Company, has today launched his latest Kickstarter campaign; introducing Coluboccoro.

The story of Coluboccoro will follow a young girl named Suzu as she stumbles upon the forest spirit Coluboccoro; Together they take to the skies visiting an unseen land where a grand adventure and mystery unfolds.

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