Gundam Wing – Collection 2 – REGION LOCKED

Gundam Wing – Collection 2 (Blu-ray)

BD Region: A (Confirmed NOT Playable in the UK)
– Tested and Confirmed Region A Only

Price: $49.72 / £38.26 (Excludes postage)

Episodes: 26 – 49 (3 Blu-ray)

Plot: The actions of Heero and his fellow Gundam pilots have plunged Earth and its space colonies into political upheaval.

The secret society OZ, which took over the world in a stunning military coup, has now split into warring factions and the Gundam pilots are caught in the middle.

Only the pacifist Sanc Kingdom, now resurrected under Relena’s leadership, remains an oasis of peace in a world torn by war.

But two powerful new Gundams, and OZ’s legions of computer-controlled mobile dolls, are about to escalate the conflict to new heights!

Blu-ray Review: Akame Ga Kill – Collection 2


We dive once again into the pits of war to see what Animatsu Entertainment’s latest Blu-ray release of Akame Ga Kill – Collection 2 has to offer.


The convoluted path that has reunited Tatsumi and Esdeath takes another twist as they find themselves transported to a remote island where their strength will be tested as never before. Dr. Stylish may be dead, but Danger Beasts still remain, and that’s only the first challenge the two enemies now face.

If the bonds of love weren’t enough to bring their fates together, could the fire of combat forge a new form of alliance? Meanwhile, the embers of rebellion are being stoked into open insurrection by the pacifist organization Path of Peace. Drawn into the impending inferno, Night Raid and the Revolutionary Army prepare for a major assault on the Capital. But while their Imperial Arms may be indestructible, their wielders are merely flesh and blood. Read more of this post

Log Horizon 2 – Collection 2 – REGION LOCKED [GEO-LOCKED]

Log Horizon 2 – Collection 2

BD Region: A (Confirmed NOT playable in the UK)
Boxart states Region A only
– Confirmed playable on UK PS3 and PS4 Consoles
– Can be made playable on Region B devices by having the country code set to America.

Price: $49.99 / £39.72 (Excludes Postage)

Episodes: 14 – 25 (2 Disc Set)

Plot: Having cleared the Abyssal Shaft, the members of the raiding party have returned to Akihabara to consider their next options.

First, though, there’s an unexpected lesson in history as the founder of the Debauchery Tea Party, the legendary Kanami, resurfaces with an extremely peculiar entourage and some even more stunning revelations about connections to the outside. But the ramifications of this will have to wait. With new political situations brewing between the Guilds, Shiroe sets Isaac to the task of training Maihama’s knights while the younger members of Log Horizon are sent out on what should be a simple quest.

Collecting the materials required to make a magic bag, however, becomes much more difficult when ogres and nightshades get involved!  Fortunately, the junior team is about to get a jolt of fresh blood… in the form of a Vampire!  The action escalates and the world gets even wilder in the second thundering collection of LOG HORIZON – SEASON 2!


MVM Entertainment will be releasing Log Horizon 2 – Collection 2, otherwise known as Log Horizon – Season 2 Collection 2, into the UK on Blu-ray and DVD later this year.

Blu-ray Review: Parasyte: The Maxim – Collection 2


We once again return to the parasite infected universe found only within Parasyte: The Maxim; but what can one expect to receive from this second collection? Well let’s take a closer look… that is if we can survive it.


They seem like the perfect killing machines: taking the form of their latest victim as they move on to hunt their next meal, blending invisibly into chaos of human civilization. But as the human race becomes aware of the invaders, the rules unexpectedly change. Because, while the predators may be far more deadly individually, human beings hunt in packs… and no species in the universe has spent more time perfecting new ways to kill than man.

As the military secretly mobilizes and a shadow war erupts, Shinichi and Migi find themselves trapped in the escalating purge. Born from a merging of both sides and yet belonging to neither, the best they can do is merely hope to survive as the lines between friend and foe cease to exist. Read more of this post

Parasyte: The Maxim – Collection 2 Release Pushed Back by One Week


It seems MVM Entertainment are not the only anime distributor suffering from delays of their products as earlier today Animatsu Entertainment announced, via the MangaUK Twitter account, that Parasyte: The Maxim – Collection 2 would now be released on the 1st August 2016. Read more of this post

Akame Ga Kill – Collection 2 Release Date Confirmed


Last month UK Anime Distributor Animatsu Entertainment revealed that it’s upcoming release of Akame Ga Kill – Collection 2, which was expected to be released as a Standard DVD, Blu-ray and Collectors Edition Combo Pack, was delayed indefinitely. Well today, through the power of social media, the distributor have revealed that it’s new release date is now the 26th September 2016. Read more of this post

Akame Ga Kill – Collection 2 Delayed Indefinitely


Animatsu Entertainment have recently confirmed that their UK Blu-ray and DVD release of Akame Ga Kill – Collection 2, which was initally scheduled for release on the 4th July 2016, has been delayed Indefinitely.

A reason for this delay has not been provided so we can only assume it is in relation to assets and packaging materials not being provided/produced in time for scheduled release date. Once a new release date has been confirmed Animatsu Entertainment will be sure to let everyone know through social media channels and retail outlets per usual. Read more of this post

Golden Time – Collection 2 – REGION LOCKED [GEO-LOCKED]

Golden Time – Collection 2

BD Region: A (Confirmed NOT playable in the UK)
Boxart states Region A only
– Confirmed playable on UK PS3 and PS4 Consoles
– Can be made playable on Region B devices by having the country code set to America.

Price: $34.01 / £23.86 (Excludes Postage)

Episodes: 13 – 24 (2 Disc Set)

Plot: Adjusting to college life is hard enough for most students, but ever since Banri Tada lost all his memories he’s literally being haunted by the spirit of the person he was before the accident. And now that the Banri-that-is has fallen in love with Koko instead of Linda, the girl his old self was in love with, the ghost of the Banri-that-was is stepping up its efforts to sabotage his new relationship with every power at its disposal.

Since past-Banri can sometimes take over present-Banri’s body, the entire life new-Banri has built is now in imminent danger of being blown away like a house of cards in a whirlwind. That doesn’t even take into account Linda and Koko’s feelings, let alone those of Banri’s friend, Mitsuo, who Koko was formerly in love with, but who now has a thing for Linda – at least, when he isn’t crushing on Chinami. And if that sounds confusing, it’s nothing compared to how Banri feels as his old memories begin to resurface and the ultimate battle of Man Vs. Himself escalates!

Unboxing: The Legend of the Legendary Heroes – Collection 1 and 2 [AUS]


It may be unpopular, and the title may make your tongue twist but, The Legend of the Legendary Heroes isn’t that bad of a show; it’s got violence, its got magic and it’s got lots of other cool entertaining merits as well. Of course i’m not hear to talk about the show; i’m here to unbox it, or more specifically unbox the Australian release – and today i’ll be making double the trouble with two unboxing videos. Read more of this post

Log Horizon – Collection 2 – REGION LOCKED [GEO-LOCKED]

Log Horizon – Collection 2

BD Region: A (Confirmed NOT playable in the UK)
Boxart states Region A only
– Can be made playable on Region B devices (including PS3) by changing the country of your device to America (confirmed by Bazza)

Price: $48.99 / £32.44 (Excludes Postage)

Episodes: 14 – 25 (2 Disc Set)

Plot: Even as Shiroe slowly learns the secrets behind the creation of the World Fraction spell, the origin of the Demi-humans, and how his own actions in the Real World have affected the world in which he now dwells, the seeds of thought he’s planted in the minds of others begin to bear fruit.

Game strategy and tactics may have been intended for amusement, but their origins were pulled from actual war planning and stratagems. As others begin to accept and implement those theories on their own, the existing alliances and balance of power begin to shift.

Those changes can’t possibly come quickly enough, as the adventurers’ preoccupations have allowed the Goblins to unite and amass a giant army. Now the Goblins are on the march, and as the Estal Lords debate their course of action, Minori makes a dangerous gamble and initiates action on her own. In the midst of this MMORPG turned real, an unassuming princess may prove to be the key to ultimate victory.