Golden Time: Collection 1 – REGION FREE

Golden Time: Collection 1

Region: A and B (Confirmed Playable in the UK)
Boxart states Region A Only
– Confirmed playable by Mangaranga

Price: $49.78 / £29.87 (Excluding postage)

Episodes: 1 – 12 (2 Disc Set)

Plot: Tada Banri is beginning anew in the busy streets of Tokyo as a freshman student at a private law school, away from the troubles of his former life. While managing to get lost on his very first day of class, he finds himself befriending fellow law student Mitsuo on the way. Things get a little more interesting when a stylishly well-dressed beauty suddenly appears – only for her to slap Mitsuo across the face with a bouquet of roses!

The mystery girl is Mitsuo’s childhood friend and self-appointed future bride Kaga Koko. It seems that more problems are on the horizon for Banri and his new friends with a troubling secret that will change them forever. What kind of new life has Banri stepped into and will he be able to survive the trials ahead of him? Join this group of friends as they attempt to discover themselves while juggling love, life, and a little drama!

Majestic Prince – Collection 1 – REGION FREE

Majestic Prince – Collection 1

Region: A and B (Confirmed Playable in the UK)
Boxart states Region A Only
– Confirmed Region B compatible by Bazza

Price: $37.98/ £22.26 (Excluding postage)

Episodes: 1 – 12 (2 Disc set)

Plot: In the not-so-distant future, the people of earth have expanded their frontier into the solar system. And now, we’re under attack! Advances in physics and genetic engineering have created astonishing new flying war machines and pilots with a wide array of enhanced abilities.

Young Izuru has been chosen to lead the hapless Team Rabbits into battle against the sinister Wulgaru forces. Spearheaded by the cold and savage Prince Jiart, these dark invaders possess both superior firepower and technology, as well as an unwavering thirst for earthly destruction. It will be up to Izuru and his brash band of misfits to vanquish the enemy and save us all… if they don’t kill each other first.

Unboxing: Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood – Collection 1 and Collection 2 (Blu-ray) [UK]


Usually i’d only do one unboxing video per Blu-ray release, however seeing as i recently picked up both instalments of the Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood Collection i’ve decided to unboxing them together, that way you can see ‘exactly’ what you’ll get and how they interact with each other.

The tale of Manga Entertainment UK releasing the Collection Sets for Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood is a long and amusing one, as originally the series was released as five 13 episode instalments, afterwhich the UK Distributor opted to release a ‘complete’ collection (like they did on DVD), but Aniplex were against it – and so two half season sets, much like the ones released in America several years ago, was released. Read more of this post

From The New World – Collection 1 – REGION FREE

From The New World – Collection 1

Region: A & B (Confirmed Playable in the UK)
Boxart states Region B Compatible

Price: $58.08 / £36.01 (Excluding postage)

Episodes: 1 – 13 (2 Disc Set)

Plot: Born into a world a thousand years in our future, Saki and her friends Satoru, Maria, Mamoru and Shun have lived their entire lives in what seems to be a perfect utopia. Not only is their small, idyllic community overflowing with clean rushing water and abundant green foliage, but almost all technology has been rendered irrelevant by the magical power of “Juryoku,” the psychic ability to materialize anything one desires. But when Saki discovers a long-lost artifact from the past, the facade of their world is shattered and the cracks that split the foundation of their reality threaten to swallow them whole!

Faced with a bloody secret history of how their world really came to be and thrust into a nightmarish new paradigm, Saki and her companions are confronted with dangers they never knew existed and a series of choices that may change the fate of every intelligent creature on the planet – human and otherwise!

—- NOTE —-

MVM Entertainment have released From The New World – Collection 1 on Blu-ray and it is currently available to order for £19.99, which is nearly half-the-price of the American release.

Dragon Ball & K Unboxing Videos Begin Streaming on MangaUK’s Youtube Channel


As you may already know we love a good unboxing (as seen in our unboxing selection) and it seems so does Jeremy, the community liason for Manga Entertainment UK, as he has recently uploaded not one, but two unboxing videos for upcoming anime titles, namely Dragon Ball – Collection 1 and K – The Complete Series, both of which are being released next month.

You can see our thoughts on Dragon Ball – Collection 1 and K – The Complete Series in our Reviews of each, but in the meantime you can check out the unboxing videos below.

Dragon Ball – Collection 1 (DVD):


K – The Complete Series (Blu-ray / DVD Combo Pack)

DVD Review: Dragon Ball – Collection 1


It’s been an exceptionally long wait but the uncut episodes of Dragon Ball are finally starting to appear, so what did we think of this DVD release by Manga Entertainment UK? Find out in our DVD Review of Dragon Ball – Collection 1


Goku may be small, but this fearless warrior packs a punch as powerful as any on the planet. Left alone after his grandfather’s death, this unusual boy is happy to spend his days hunting and eating and eating some more. But everything changes on the day he meets Bulma – a bossy, blue-haired beauty with boys on the brain. Together, they set out to track down the seven magic Dragon Balls and make the wish that will change their lives forever.

And that’s just the beginning! Goku also spends some time on Turtle Island where he and Krillin study martial arts under the legendary Master Roshi. The old hermit may not look like much, but if his new pupils can find him a woman, he’ll make sure they’re ready to rumble at the upcoming World Martial Arts Tournament! Read more of this post

Blu-ray Review: Fairy Tail – Collection 1

Fairy_Tail_Collection1_Screenshot (4)

It’s been a long time coming but initial episodes of Fairy Tail are now being re-released on Blu-ray, but what can we expect from this first instalment? Find out in our Blu-ray Review of Fairy Tail – Collection 1.


In the Kingdom of Fiore, powerful wizards make their living by joining magical guilds and contracting out their services to become “wizards for hire.” Harnessing the forces of Dragon Fire, Ice, Weaponry, and the Zodiac, four young wizards of the infamous guild Fairy Tail team up to seek their fortunes.

Growing stronger with every mission, they travel the countryside helping people and battling rival guilds, but with personalities as different as their magic skills, this team may end up doing more damage than good. Read more of this post

Pet Girl of Sakurasou – Collection 1 – REGION LOCKED

Pet Girl of Sakurasou – Collection 1

Region: A (Confirmed NOT Playable in the UK)
Boxart states Region A Only

Price: $48.42 / £28.95 (Excluding postage)

Episodes: 1 – 12 (2 Disc Set)

Plot: Banished from normal housing for the crime of adopting stray cats, Sorata Kanda’s life has gone to the dogs and now he’s been impounded in Room 101 of Sakura Hall, a notorious den of troublemakers, geniuses, and weirdos. Meanwhile, Mashiro Shiina in Room 202 is the cat’s meow of the art world. However, she’s so unfocused and dysfunctional that she needs a full-time keeper to survive day-to-day life while she puts her career as a famous artist on hold and studies to be a manga creator.

That’s too big a task for Chihiro, Mashiro’s cousin who lives in the same dorm and also happens to be Sorata’s teacher. But given Sorata’s weakness for taking in small, cute but sometimes not completely loveable creatures, could he be the one destined to take over Mashiro’s grooming, feeding and general, er… domestication? Well, if he’s not, too bad, ’cause no one else is stepping up and he’s stuck with it and her! Heavy petting gets redefined, the dorm’s the only thing likely to get housebroken and hopefully no one will get neutered as who’s on whose leash becomes anybodies’ guess!

Patlabor: TV Series – Collection 1 – REGION LOCKED

Patlabor: TV Series – Collection 1

Region: A (Not Playable in the UK)
Boxart states Region A Only

Price: $36.77/ £22.20 (Excluding postage)

Episodes: 1 – 12 (3 Disc Set)

Plot: Giant Robots, sociopaths, madmen waving guns: these aren’t just the problems the Mobile Police have to deal with every day, these ARE the Mobile Police! But in a world where giant robots called Labors are frequently used for criminal purposes, the boys and girls in blue have to face things that are even bigger and scarier!

So when police cadet Noa Izumi comes in to take a pilot aptitude test and instead initiates a high speed chase after a stolen Police Labor, it’s clear that she’s got exactly the right combination of guts, brains and just plain crazy that the Second Special Vehicles Division desperately needs. But fitting into the frequently insane lifestyle of SV2 won’t be easy. She’ll have rivals for the pilot seat of the mech that’s stolen Noa’s heart, and her patrol duties will include herding whales, exorcising hauntings and fighting rogue military units on top of the usual terrorists.

On the other hand, she gets to carry the biggest handgun EVER. The wheels of justice keep turning (or, in this case, running on giant metal legs,) as SV2 hits the street in Patlabor TV: Collection 1!

Little Busters – Collection 1 – REGION FREE

Little Busters – Collection 1

Region: A & B (Confirmed Playable in the UK)
Boxart states Region B Compatible

Price: $61.58/ £38.80 (Excluding postage)

Episodes: 1 – 13 (2 Disc Set)

Plot: When tragedy struck Riki Naoe as a child, he was rescued from grief over his parent’s deaths when four other kids “recruited” him for their group – the “Little Busters.”

Now in high school, Riki and the other Busters are still fast friends, and though their vision of being heroes for justice may have faded, they’d still do anything for each other. Which is why Riki is now on TWO special missions. The not so secret one: recruiting new members so the Busters can form a baseball team. Preferably FEMALE recruits, as the current dude/babe ratio is an inconvenient 4 to 1.

The OTHER mission though, that’s the strange one. Because Riki and Rin, the group’s singular girl, are receiving odd messages, delivered by cats, concerning the existence of a “secret world” and assigning them tasks they have to complete. Were their youthful dreams of being crusaders not so fanciful after all? Or is there something even more vital at stake? Between steeling his courage to talk to girls and dealing with his own narcolepsy, Riki may just need the strength of a superhero to solve the ultimate mystery of the LITTLE BUSTERS!