Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection F Achieves Massive Success in UK Cinemas

dragonballz_resurrectionf_screenshot_friezaPutting anime into cinemas can be a questionable and tricky business; but with Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection F it seems all the hardwork put into bringing it into UK cinemas has paid off; as everyone seems to be going out and watching it.

What started off as a ‘one-day-only’ cinema event exploded into multiple screenings across the UK, with even VUE getting in on showing the film; the demand was so much that it caused Manga UK to delay the home video release of the title just so they could show it on more screens which, in turn, means that Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection F is now being shown on UK cinemas until the 8th October 2015. Read more of this post

NIS America Confirms English Voice Cast and Releases a Sneek Peak at A Lull in the Sea’s English Dub


American Anime-come-Videogame Distributor NIS America have recently confirmed the list of English voice-actors that will be providing their voice talents for the anime series; A Lull in the Sea; which is being released onto Blu-ray and DVD by MVM Entertainment into the UK later this year.

The series itself sees the world seperate into two area; the Shioshishio, the Sea Village, and Oshiooshi, the village of the land; and now four middle school students from the Sea Village, Manaka Mukaido, Hikari Sakishima, Chisaki Hiradaira, and Kaname Isaki must attend Mihama Middle School on the surface. While getting used to their new lives, these four and their new friend from the surface, Tsumugu Kihara, learn how true bonds of love and friendship can overcome any separation. Read more of this post

Gundam: The Origin I Receives a Seven Minute English Dubbed Clip


The official Gundam youtube channel have recently began streaming a seven minute clip of the upcoming OVA Gundam: The Origin 1 – Blue-Eyed Casval, and since Anime Limited will be distributing the title within the UK we thought we should share it. Read more of this post

Appleseed Alpha Comes to Blu-ray, DVD & Digital Download Today

appleseed_alpha_screenshot (4)

It’s a title that hasn’t received much coverage as of late but the latest instalment into the Appleseed franchise, entitled Appleseed Alpha, is now available within the UK on DVD, Blu-ray and as a Digital Download.

The film, which is presented in a CGI animation style similiar to that of Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children, sees Deunan and her cyborg partner Briareos attempt to save what remains of earth by stopping an organisations plans of world conquest and destruction. It’s your typical Appleseed style movie with gun-fights, explosions, cyborg action and a dramatic storyline. Read more of this post