Anime Limited Clarifies Release Plans for Several Titles Announced at MCM London Comic Con


It’s been just over a week since the MCM London Comic Con but UK Anime Distributor Anime Limited have recently clarified some details surrounding announcements made during the weekend; namely the format of some titles and when to potentially expect them. Read more of this post

Anime Limited Clarifies Mobile Suit Gundam and Gundam Reconguista In G Release Plans


Last month at the Manchester MCM Comic Con Anime Limited announced during their panel that they would be releasing the original Mobile Suit Gundam series onto Blu-ray in both English and Japanese languages; following on from that announcement numerous retailers, including Amazon and Zavvi, began listing the product for pre-order with a September release date – a date which we also published onto this blog. Read more of this post

Update and Clarification To Region Lock Listings

With the site becoming more popular i thought i would take a moment to update (and clarify) some of the posts regarding Blu-ray Discs being labelled as “Region Locked” when some people have discovered that they can be made playable on a UK Blu-ray Player.

As many of you may be aware, especially members from the UK Anime Forum, some Anime Blu-rays, such as discs from Sentai Filmworks, Aniplex USA and Viz Media, can be played on a UK (Region B) Blu-ray player by using the title search method. This method “does” indeed work, but it does not work on all Blu-ray players and can requrie a bit of “technical know-how” to preform it, as you have to manually choose which title to play which could result in the wrong item being played.

Because this title search method is not guaranteed to work on all Blu-ray Players (something which i have confirmed myself) and can be complicated to use, i do not use it in any of my disc testing, and as such if the disc does not work using my methods then i class the Blu-ray “Region Locked”.

The idea of this site was to highlight what US Blu-ray Discs worked on UK Blu-ray Players without any modifications or tricks. The only option i do use, and reccomend (as you are still granted full use of the disc menu and extra features) is the “Disc Menu” option, as some Blu-ray Discs (such as the recent Nura: Rise of Yokai) can have the region lock screen bypassed by pressing the disc menu button and the disc itself will continue to operate as normal.

Basically if a US Blu-ray Disc works in UK Blu-ray players then the disc will be classed REGION FREE, if the Region A only screen appears but is bypassed (and works as normal) by pressing the “Disc Menu” button then the disc is still classed as REGION FREE, however if the disc does not work via either of these methods then the disc is classed REGION LOCKED.