SENRAN KAGURA Burst Re:Newal Character DLC Release Schedule Confirmed

Those wishing to expand their SENRAN KAGURA Burst Re:Newal experience with new content and characters will be excited to learn that European games publisher Marvelous Games have released a confirmed character DLC schedule; and more importantly some of the content will be FREE for a limited time. Read more of this post

MECHA-UDE: Mechanical Arms Anime Project Goes Live on Kickstarter


MECHA-UDE: Mechanical Arms, a new anime project fronted by Japanese anime creator Sae Okamoto, has recently appeared on Kickstarter; with it the ambition of creating a single OVA Styled episode with the possibility of a series being produced depending on the success of this animation. Set in a fictional futuristic modern day world MECHA-UDE will follow the activities of an ordinary high-schooler who, after interacting with a mechanical arm, finds himself at the centre of attention for those interested in the arm. Read more of this post

Chika Chika Idol begins its “Cheer Leader Illustration” Desktop Wallpaper Campaign


Chika Chika Idol, the short CGI Idol anime by Hiroshi Nishikiori thats currently on Kickstarter, continues to try and draw attention to itself and today Awesome Japan have opted to launch a brand new ‘Cheer Leader’ themed campaign to help promote the Kickstarter project.

Dubbed the “Cheer Leader Illustration” this promotional campaign will see popular manga and anime illustrators create specialised desktop wallpapers for the public to download; each of which will be available for a limited time. Read more of this post

Riding Bean Blu-ray Kickstarter Achieves Target Within a Day


During the course of the weekend AnimEigo, the company which previously released Bubblegum Crisis onto Blu-ray a few years back, launched a Kickstarter campaign for Sonoda Ken’ichi”s fast-paced action OVA film Riding Bean and within 24 hours the campaign was successfully funded.

The concept of the Kickstarter campaign, much like the previously released Bubblegum Crisis Kickstarter, was to secure funds to release a Blu-ray Edition of Riding Bean with the film itself in crisp 1080p quality, English and Japanese with English subtitles and a selection of bonus on-disc content. AnimEigo were hoping to secure $30,000 within the 30 day period of the campaign but at the time of writing the company has secured over $78k and shows no sign of stopping; all of which can be seen on the Kickstarter campaign page. Read more of this post

Awesome Japan Announces Chuya-Den Kickstarter Campaign


Awesome Japan, in collaberation with Japanese animation studio WAO WORLD! have recently announced that their newest Kickstarter campaign CHUYA-DEN – To Regain The Missing Sun is now active and ready for your support.

CHUYA-DEN – The Night and Day Chronicles is a new feature-length-film animation that will see a group of children/teenagers do battle with the ghostly force known as Yokai in attempt to restore their world and protect it from danger. The Kickstarter campaign, which has a target of $100,000, is an attempt at bringing Yoshiyuki Kaneko‘s dream into animated reality with full Japanese voice cast.
Read more of this post

Muv-Luv English Localisation Kickstarter Appears Online


As many of us will know MVM Entertainment are currently in the process of releasing Muv-Luv Alternate: Total Eclipse onto DVD and Blu-ray within the UK; however what many ‘may’ not known is that the anime is based upon the japanese visual novel Muv-Luv.

Well publisher Degica have started a Kickstarter campaign which will see the entire Muv-Luv collection, which consists of Muv-Luv and Muv-Luv Alternate, being translated into English and released onto Steam; with Stretch Goals available for the PS Vita and Android versions of the game. But what exactly is Muv-Luv and this Kickstarter about? Well Degica explains: Read more of this post

Patema Inverted Kickstarter Reaches Target Within a Day, Stretch Goals Added


If you’ve been keeping up with the ‘hectic’ and fast-paced Kickstarter Campaign for Anime Limited’s “Ultimate Edition” release of Patema Inverted, then you’ll already be aware that within a single day (if not 5 hours) the target goal of £16,000 was met, and now three days later over £22,000 has been raised with stretch goals added.

The target of £16,000 was so that a ‘Ultimate Edition’ of Patema Inverted could be produced alongside Regular and Collectors Edition of the film, and now that the target has been met this Ultimate Edition will be produced. Ironically this Ultimate Edition set will be exclusive to Kickstarter (currently priced at £40) and only 1500 will be made, with less than 1000 units currently remaining. Read more of this post

Anime Limited to Offer Soundtrack as Possible Mai Mai Miracle Stretch Goal


Anime Limited, also known as All The Anime, have recently announced that if their next ‘imaginary’ stretch goal of $105,000 is achieved by the end of the Mai Mai Miracle Kickstarter (which currently ends in 5 days) then the movies soundtrack may possibly be included with all $45 (or higher) backer tiers.

We are still knee deep in complex and slow moving negotiations with the rights holders and we know that with enough funding, we’ll be able to offer the soundtrack as an addition to all the tiers from $45 upwards. For backers on the lower tiers, we can offer the soundtrack at a discounted rate.

So what amount will we need to be able to get the OST for everyone? You may recall in previous posts that we mentioned hitting a $95,000 target. That figure was based on initial guesstimations in the early stages of approaching negotiations. The way things are looking in the negotiations (and the fees we’re looking at stumping upfront) we would now estimate a target of $105,000.

Basically if the Mai Mai Miracle kickstarter, which currently stands at over $88,000, achieves over $105,000 by the end of the campaign then all $45 tiers (and higher) may receive a copy of the soundtrack. For those who purchased lower tiers (such as the basic amaray version) then they can pledge additional funds to secure a copy of the soundtrack. Read more of this post

Mai Mai Miracle Reaches Target Within 24 Hours, English Audio Track Added as Stretch Goal


All The Anime’s debut Kickstarter Campaign for Mai Mai Miracle, a feature length film directed by Sunao Katabuchi, has managed to achieve its $30,000 target within 24 hours.

The $30,000 target set by All The Anime was to allow for the production and distribution of a Blu-ray and DVD version of the film, this includes packaging, translation and replication – everything major publishers (such as FUNimation) have to do before their product can be released. Of course now that the $30,000 target has been reached it means that anyone who pledges money to the project (or has already pledged) will receive their reward, rewards which range from a copy of the film on Blu-ray to exclusive artworks that are not available to the public. Read more of this post