Anime Limited & FUNimation Q2 Release Schedule Released


Anime Limited have recently taken to their official blog to announce the Q2 release line-up for both their own titles as well as those released by FUNimation UK; and it looks to be a pretty busy period for both companies.

As per usual the dates listed below are tentative and could change without notice.

Anime Limited:

Today (20th Feburary 2017):

6th March 2017:

13th March 2017:

27th March 2017:

3rd April 2017:

10th April 2017:

24th April 2017:

TBC April:

  • The Anthem of the Heart (DVD, Ltd Collector’s Edition Blu-ray+DVD)
  • Selector Infected WIXOSS (DVD, Ltd Collector’s Edition Blu-ray)

8th May 2017:

29th May 2017:

5th June 2017:

It’s worth noting that Riddle Story of Devil, which was previously scheduled for release on the 27th February 2017 (especially on our noteboard), has been moved to a To Be Confirmed dates – with online retailer even listing the series for a December 2017 release date.


Today (20th February 2017):

27th February 2017:

6th March 2017:

13th March 2017:

  • Mikagura School Suite (Blu-ray+DVD combi)

20th March 2017:

27th March 2017:

10th April 2017:

24th April 2017:

TBC April:

  • Overlord (DVD, Collector’s Edition Blu-ray)


  • Attack on Titan: Junior High (Blu-ray, DVD)

Brothers Conflict was originally due to be released in February however due to BBFC Certifications taking longer than expected FUNimation UK are now planning to release the series in March.

Selection of Upcoming FUNimation UK Titles Switched to Blu-ray


Consider this both good and bad news as distributor Anime Limited, on behalf of FUNimation UK, have recently announced on their blog that a selection of upcoming FUNimation titles have been switched to Blu-ray only releases (as opposed to Combo Pack’s and Stand-a-lone DVD’s) due to the Japanese licensor demanding PAL authored DVD’s. Read more of this post

Anime Limited & FUNimation Clarify Release Plans for Upcoming Titles


Another week, another newswire and once again Anime Limited continues to provide disappointing news in the form of updated release date amendments to both their own titles and FUNimation licensed shows; but of course kudos must be given to the distributor for trying something ‘special’ with each of their releases. Read more of this post

Brother’s Conflict – The Complete Series (Blu-ray / DVD Combo Pack) – REGION LOCKED

Brother’s Conflict – The Complete Series (Blu-ray / DVD Combo Pack)

BD Region: A (Confirmed NOT Playable in the UK)
– Boxart states Region A only

DVD Region: 1 (Confirmed NOT Playable in the UK)
– Boxart states Region 1 only

Price: $56.53 / £39.74 (Excluding postage)

Episodes: 1 – 13 (2 Blu-ray’s)

Plot: Ema Hinata is lonely. As an only child and the daughter of a famous explorer, for most of her life her closest companion has been Juli, her talking pet squirrel. But her father is getting remarried, and her new family is…a little unorthodox. Now, she’s got 13 gorgeous guys as her stepbrothers, and they’re all after her heart! But is romance what she wants, or is it family?


Anime Limited will be releasing Brother’s Conflict on Blu-ray and DVD within the UK later this year.

Anime Limited Confirms Amendments to Q2 2016 Release Schedule


Release date alerations continue to plague Anime Limited as earlier in the week the UK Distributor took to their weekly newswire to reveal that a a selection of titles have had their dates changed; including both Selector Infected WIXOSS and Tokyo ESP.

Some titles have had their release dates pushed back while some titles, such as Reconguista in G, have been given a confirmed release date. You can find all of the details in the release schedule summary below: Read more of this post

Amazon UK List’s Anime Limited’s Q1 Release Schedule; Reveals Some Surprising New Licenses


It seems like online retailer Amazon UK may have ‘jumped-the-gun’ on posting Anime Limited’s Q1 (January to March) 2016 pre-order listings onto their store as it reveals a seleciton of titles that have yet to be officially confirmed by the UK Distributor. Read more of this post

Anime Limited Announcements from MCM London Comic Con October 2015


Anime Limited’s first panel of the October 2015 MCM London Comic Con took place on the Friday afternoon and despite a rocky start, and a few technical errors along-the-way, the presentation was a steady if not solid one with many long-awaited-titles being announced. Read more of this post