Unboxing: Kill La Kill – Box 3 (Collectors Edition Blu-ray with Artbox) [UK]


With Anime Limited recently announcing that the Collectors Edition of Kill La Kill – Box 3, which includes the artbox to hold all three boxes in, has been discontinued i thought now would be the perfect time to unboxing our copy and show you what you had missed out on. Read more of this post

Kill La Kill – Box 3 Delayed Once Again; This Time it’s an Issue with the Packaging


Despite having advanced copies available to sell at this past weekends London MCM Comic Con Anime Limited have today announced, via their weekly newswire post, that the UK DVD and Blu-ray release for Kill La Kill – Box 3 will be delayed once again.

This reason for this is because early adaptors of the set have found it difficult to remove the artbook and the carded-styled-case (which holds the discs) from the thin chipboard packaging. Ironically this packaging defect has nothing to do with the Collectors Box (which holds all three parts of the set) which had previously caused delays due to not being produced in time. Whats even more confusing about this situation is that Anime Limited had no issues with the inital test mold they received from the production company, so this issue has really come by surprise. Read more of this post

Anime Limited’s Release of Kill La Kill – Box 3 Pushed Back by One Week


Anime Limited have recently taken to their blog to reveal that the UK Collectors Edition DVD and Blu-ray release of Kill La Kill – Box 3 has changed; and that it will now be released on the 1st June 2015 as opposed to its inital 25th May 2015 release date.

The reason for this delay is due to production on the Collectors Box, which will house all three sets inside, taking longer than usual; as Jeremy Graves explains on the Anime Limited blog:

Hi everyone. Since this page was published the date of release for Kill la Kill Box 3 has moved back one week to 1st June 2015. This is due the production of the Collector’s Box. It’s a complicated process due its unique design (as you can see image below.) We made this decision to move the release date back one week as at this stage we couldn’t guarantee production would be completed in time for the originally advertised release date. As a precaution we decided to move the date back one week.

It’s ironic that the ‘special’ gesture of adding a Collectors Box is whats slowing this release down; but all the same it’s only a one week delay and theres nothing to really worry about. In short; Kill La Kill – Box 3 will be released as a Collectors Edition DVD and Collectors Edition Blu-ray on the 1st June 2015.

Unboxing: Persona 4 – Box 3 (Blu-ray / DVD Combo Pack) [UK]


The third and final instalment into the Persona 4: The Animation franchise has finally arrived onto UK shores, with it bringing the last 8 TV episodes and a special OVA episode (which is set before the final TV episode) over 1 Blu-ray and 2 DVD Discs.

In regards to the set it’s business as usual, with carded packaging (that easily gets damaged) on the outside with plastic insides that hold the discs extremely well, if not too well. Unlike Persona 4 – Box 2 both English & French sides of the discs contain the same extra content, so at least this time everyone is treated fairly.

Persona 4: The Animation – Box 3 is now available within the UK.