Blu-ray Review: Cowboy Bebop – Box 1

cowboy_bebop_box_1_review_screenshot (5)

Cowboy Bebop is a longtime favourite with Anime fans (me included), and it’s also a series that has been released multiple times on multiple formats, this being the case how does Anime Limited’s debut Blu-ray release fair? Find out in our Blu-ray Review of Cowboy Bebop – Box 1.


The crew of the Bebop is once again ready to clean up space by bringing bad guys to justice and trying to make some cash while doing it!

Join the always-cool Spike Spiegel, investigative genius Jet Black, the alluring Faye Valentine, the amazing (but weird) Ed and the super-smart Welsh Corgi named Ein as they try to make a buck in the year 2071. How do they do it? They’re bounty hunters! Read more of this post