Seven Seas Entertainment License Three New Titles; including The Ideal Sponger

Seven Seas Entertainment continues the ‘week of announcements‘ as following on from the reveal of NOW LOADING…! manga the book publisher have now announced that they will also be releasing OOPS! I Messed Up and Made The Wrong Person A Magical Girl, Total Eclipse of the Eternal Heart and The Ideal Sponger Life within America. Read more of this post


Manga Review: Spirits & Cat Ears – Volume 1

I have previously described Spirits & Cat Ears as “Charming, Lovable and a little bit ecchi” on our Instagram page but when you dig deeper into the characters and their stories you’ll soon realise that Spirits & Cat Ears offers so much more than that and it all begins with this Volume 1 release which has kindly been brought to us by YenPress. Read more of this post

Seven Seas Entertainment Announces New License Acquisitions

It has been a busy week for Manga and Light Novel publishers as following on from the news that YenPress have licensed several new titles the competing publisher, Seven Seas Entertainment, have now unveiled their selection of recent license acquistions – including a few surprise additions in the form of To Love Ru. Read more of this post

New YenPress Title Acquisitions Announced at Sakura-Con

It’s been a busy week (so sorry for this rather belated news post) but during the bank holiday weekend american manga and light novel publisher YenPress announced several new title acqusitions at the american based Sakura-Con. Read more of this post

Seven Seas Entertainment Announce Three New License Acquisitions; Including In This Corner of the World

American Manga publisher Seven Seas Entertainment, otherwise known as GOManga on social media platforms, have recently announced that they have acquired the English distribution rights to Anti-Magic Academy: The 35th Test Platoon, Yokai Rental Shop and In This Corner of the World; the latter of which is based upon the animated film that will receive a UK release from Animatsu Entertainment. Read more of this post

Light Novel Review: Konosuba: God’s Blessing on This Wonderful World! – Volume 1

YenPress continues to publish a wide-variety of Manga and Light Novels within the UK and America and today we will be sharing our thoughts on the first light novel release of Konosuba: God’s Blessing on This Wonderful World! – Volume 1 Read more of this post

Yen Press Expands Distribution Deal with Diamond To Bring More Books To The UK

Yen Press have announced that they will be expanding their partnership with Diamond so that a wider variety of books will become available through official UK retailers and re-sellers. Read more of this post

YenPress To Release The Royal Tutor, Kakegurui and Sekirei in Printed Form Later This Year

American Japanese manga and light novel publisher YenPress have today announced that three of their ‘digital only’ titles will be re-released in print form later this year due to demand from fans. The titles in question are The Royal Tutor, Kakegurui and Sekirei; all of which will be re-released as individual volumes starting from the May 2017. Read more of this post

Manga and Anime Go to Hollywood Book Now Available


Consider this slightly late, but informative, piece of news; as the UK Book publisher Bloomsbury Publishing have released Northrop Davis latest book “Manga and Anime Go To Hollywood” within the UK; and it’s currently available to purchase from various retailers and online book stores.

We don’t usually cover books on this site; but as this book provides an informative look into a subject we all love i thought it was something that would be worth sharing. Specifically this book, which provides an insight into how Japanese Manga and Anime has transcended from it’s native culture of Japan to western auidiences over the past eight decades, may interest those who wish to learn more about the history of anime and how it has evolved on a global scale. Read more of this post