FUNimation Titles Distributed by Anime Limited Removed from Retailers or Listed as “Out of Stock”

In some rather interesting, and extremely surprising news, it appears that FUNimation titles distributed by Anime Limited, otherwise known as All The Anime, have been either listed as sold out or removed from online retailers; that is according to a report on Anime UK News and as pointed out by community members on the website. Read more of this post

Animax UK Returns with Ten New Simulcasts


Ever since the free online-streaming-service Viewster appeared online the ‘exciting’ announcements from Animax UK, a subscription-based streaming service, seemed to stop but now the Sony owned service has returned and it’s come back with a bit of a punch. Read more of this post

Anime Limited Industry Panel Announcements at Manchester MCM Comic Con 2015


The first panel at this years Manchester MCM Comic Con was non-other-than UK Anime Distributor Anime Limited and after a rather ‘detailed’ backstory about who they are and what they do (as well as some amusing “back-office” giggles from Andrew) a variety of new license announcements and release date information was revealed; all of which can be seen in our video of the panel. Read more of this post