Bandai Co Ltd to Launch a Second Wave of Dragon Ball Super “Chibi Masters” figures

It’s time for a different type of news piece, as Bandai Co Ltd recently announced a new range of “Chibi Masters” figures with this new range focusing on the highly successful Dragon Ball Super franchise. Read more of this post

Mobile Suit Gundam: The Origin III Pre-Order Campaign Arrives within the UK


Interestingly enough i somehow missed this announcement last week but Anime Limited have opened up pre-orders for the next instalment into the Mobile Suit Gundam: The Origin series; and it’s known as Dawn of Rebellion.

Due for release in Japan in May 2016, with shipping from the UK to begin in June, this third film in the series will focus on Char during his time within the military. Just like with the previous two releases of the Mobile Suit Gundam: The Origin this pre-order campaign will allow UK fans to purchase the Collectors Edition version of the film; a set which is usually exclusive to Japan and extremely costly to import. Read more of this post

Anime Limited Store To Distribute Mobile Suit Gundam: The Origins Within UK


Anime Limited have today announced that they will be acting as the UK Distributor for the upcoming Blu-ray release of Mobile Suit Gundam: The Origins, or more precisely Mobile Suit Gundam: The Origins – Volume 1: Blue Eyed Casval.

Unfortunately this is where it gets complicated; unlike traditional releases Anime Limited will not be distributing the film into UK retailers, such as Amazon, Zavvi and HMV; instead fans will have to buy it directly from the Anime Limited Store. The reason for this is because Anime Limited will be distributing the Limited Edition Japanese Blu-ray release of the film; a film which will not only feature both English and Japanese audio options but will be completely region free as well. Read more of this post