One Piece: Burning Blood Demo Released Alongside New Trailer


With the release of One Piece: Burning Blood drawning ever closer publisher Bandai Namco Entertainment have decided to treat fans by releasing a playable demo of the game onto the PS4 and Xbox One platforms.

In this demo players can choose one of four characters, namely Ace, Luffy, Franky and Aokiji, and duke it out on the Dressrosa Corrida Colosseum stage. with an AI opponent or with a friend through local multiplayer fights. Unlike past One Piece games ‘Burning Blood’ is a fighting game that sees up to three characters available to battle on each side and plays out in a similar fashion to Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm and Saint Seiya: Brave Soldier fights. Each character has their own health and special ability bar and characters can be swapped out at will – additionally in order to win the match all three opponents have to be defeated. Read more of this post