Unboxing: Baccano! – The Complete Series (Collector’s Edition) [UK]


With Anime Limited releasing Baccano! as a standard edition Blu-ray I thought it would be fun to look back at the Collectors Edition variation and show you guys you could potentially be missing out on if you opted to get the standard Blu-ray as opposed to tracking down the Collectors Edition variation; especially seeing as they are near enough the same price. Read more of this post

Anime Limited Unveil ‘Tentative’ Baccano! and Fate Kaleid Collectors Edition Artwork


After weeks, if not months, of speculation Anime Limited have recently revealed the ‘tentative’ boxart images for their upcoming Blu-ray Collectors Edition releases of Baccano! and Fate Kaleid Liner – Prisma Illiya; both of which are expected to be released later this year. Read more of this post

Anime Limited’s Q4 2015 Release Schedule Revealed


Following on from the rather ‘unimformative’ but exciting Anime Limited panel at last weekends Manchester MCM Comic Con online retailer Amazon UK have begun listing the titles that were mentioned at the event; and it contains a few expected surprises.

The surprises come in the form that Sword Art Online II – Part 2 and 3 are scheduled for release during this fourth quarter; additionally Gundam – Reconguista in G will be released as a complete series set as opposed to Mobile Suit Gundam which is being released as a half-series-set. Read more of this post

Anime Limited Makes Minor Adjustments to Its Q2 Release Schedule; Fate/kaleid liner Prisim Illya coming in July


Following on from days of speculation that numerous Anime Limited titles, specifically Tiger & Bunny: The Rising and Baccano, had been delayed Anime Limited’s latest Newswire has today confirmed what we already assumed; that they have been delayed. Read more of this post

Anime Limited Unveils Q2 2015 Release Schedule


As part of their weekly newswire announcement Anime Limited have today unveiled their ‘expected’ Q2 (April – June) 2015 release schedule and it actually looks pretty busy with numerous titles being released each month.

Of course some of these releases are ‘standard edition’ re-releases, such as HAL, but there are a few surprises in-store; as you can see from the list below: Read more of this post

London MCM Comic Con October 2014 Anime License Round-Up


It may have been another busy weekend at this years London MCM Comic Con but when it comes to Anime License Announcements then it was pretty much non-existent; that is unless you are MVM Entertainment.

Anyway the traditional ‘announcement panel’ was replaced with a simple Q&A session, mainly because the announcements were made online throughout the weekend and because the head honchos for Manga UK and MVM UK were busy doing other tasks; either way the complete license announcement throughout the entire MCM Comic Con weekend is as follows: Read more of this post