Game Review: Azur Lane: Crosswave (PlayStation 4)

Military warships merged with femaled anime characters can only mean one thing; Azur Lane, and now the iconic mobile franchise is available in the west as a full-fledged PlayStation 4 release known as Azur Lane: Crosswave. Will this title sail away to victory, or will it sink like the many before it? Let’s take a look and find out.

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Idea Factory Reveals Further Gameplay Details for Azur Lane: Crosswave

Azur Lane: Crosswave, the third person shooter game based upon the popular mobile gacha game, will soon be making its way westward on the PlayStation 4 and STEAM; and to illustrate what fans of the franchise can expect from the game publisher Idea Factory International have provided some ‘enhanced’ gameplay details for the different modes featured within the game. Read more of this post

Idea Factory Unveils Six More Characters for Azur Lane: Crosswave

Publisher Idea Factory International have once again been updating the Azur Lane: Crosswave website with new character information and as such six additional characters, along with their bios, have been revealed; with characters including Sakura Empire: Kaga, Kongou, Cleveland, Saratoga, Atlanta and Admiral Hipper. Read more of this post

Shimakaze, Suruga, Akagi & Atago Confirmed as Playable Characters in Azur Lane: Crosswave

In preparation for Azur Lane: Crosswave release onto the PlayStation 4 and STEAM later this year, which is of course a 3D Action Shooter based upon the popular Azur Lane franchise, publisher Idea Factory International have recently confirmed four playable characters for the game alongside two new support characters in addition to the existing rota of characters. Read more of this post