Unboxing: Love Live! School Idol Project – The Movie (Limited Edition Blu-ray) [AUS]


With a UK release of Love Live! School Idol Project – The Movie currently nowhere to be found, despite a special screening at London MCM Comic Con and Scotland Loves Anime last year, I decided to import the Australian Limited Edition Blu-ray release of the film to see what it has to offer – and more importantly – to see if it will fit well with MVM Entertainment’s previously released UK Blu-ray Editions of the TV Series. Read more of this post

Unboxing: Sailor Moon – Part 1 & Part 2 (Limited Edition DVD) [AUS]


With Sailor Moon Crystal getting it’s western release within Australia this month (of which you may have seen unboxed on our Twitter feed) via Madman Entertainment; I thought it would be fun togo back and give our readers a closer look at Madman Entertainment’s DVD release of the original Sailor Moon TV series; starting with Sailor Moon – Part 1 and it’s follow-up release Sailor Moon – Part 2. Read more of this post

Pokemon Movie Trilogy To Be Released on Blu-ray This December in Australia


Beyond Entertainment, The Australian Distributor for the Pokemon anime series have recently announced through social media that they will be releasing the ‘original’ Pokemon Movie trilogy, which consists of Pokemon: The First Movie, Pokemon The Movie 2000 and Pokemon 3: The Movie, on Blu-ray (and DVD) later this year. Read more of this post

Unboxing: The Legend of the Legendary Heroes – Collection 1 and 2 [AUS]


It may be unpopular, and the title may make your tongue twist but, The Legend of the Legendary Heroes isn’t that bad of a show; it’s got violence, its got magic and it’s got lots of other cool entertaining merits as well. Of course i’m not hear to talk about the show; i’m here to unbox it, or more specifically unbox the Australian release – and today i’ll be making double the trouble with two unboxing videos. Read more of this post

Unboxing: Serial Experiments Lain – The Complete Series (Blu-ray / DVD Combo Pack) [AUS]


With the numerous American Serial Experiments Lain Blu-ray Collections being REGION LOCKED, and a UK Blu-ray release of the series no where to be found, fans of this anime classic who want a Region B compatible disc will have to look elsewhere. Fortunately for us salvation can be found in the Australian Blu-ray (Combo Pack) release, and today i’ll be taking a look at what its got to offer. Read more of this post

Unboxing: Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood – The OVA Collection (Artbox Blu-ray Edition) [AUS]


When it comes to anime releases our friends over the pond in the Australia seem to know what they are doing; for starters not only do they author majority of our UK releases (with the exception of Hanabee Releases) but they also release some rather quality products when it comes to Limited Edition bundles and artboxes. Case and point this release of Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood – The OVA Collection (Artbox Blu-ray Edition) which i’ll be unboxing today.

When this product was released in the UK we received the collection as a DVD and Blu-ray Combo Pack with a thin carded sleeve wrapped around the amaray case (for the first print-run only); however in Australia this was released as a standard or an Artbox version – with the artbox itself having space for the ‘entire’ five-part instalment and the Scared Star of Milos movie; now thats how you create a limited edition product. Read more of this post

Unboxing: Sengoku Basara – Complete Collection: Season 1 & 2 + The Movie (Blu-ray) [AUS]


Shortly after Sengoku Basra – The Last Party was released onto Blu-ray and DVD within Australia Madman Entertainment, the australian distributor for the series, released a Complete Collection package whereby Season 1, Season 2 and The Last Party film were bundled into a single set; well today i’ll be taking a quick look at it. Read more of this post

Unboxing: Sword Art Online – Part 1 (Limited Edition Collectors Box Blu-ray) [AUS]


You maybe wondering why I am doing another ‘unboxing’ of Sword Art Online – Part 1 and the answer is simple, this is the Limited Edition Collectors Box version which is currently only available within Australia. What differences does it offer? Well lets take a look.

As it stands Sword Art Online – Part 1 is currently available as two different versions in Australia, a standard and Collectors Box version, with the Collectors Box including an art box that allows all four volumes to fit into, thus making it look like a complete series set as opposed to four individual cases. Whichever version you choose the disc content remains the same as the UK release, with the only difference being the art work and that the UK version includes a DVD in addition to the Blu-ray. Read more of this post

Unboxing: Shakugan No Shana S: OVA Series (Blu-ray / DVD Combo Pack) [AUS]


With the entire American Shakugan No Shana Blu-ray Collection REGION LOCKED Shana fans will have to look elsewhere for the Blu-ray treatment and luckily salvation can be found in the Australian Blu-ray (Combo Pack) release, and today i’ll be taking a look at what its got to offer.

For those unaware Australian Blu-ray’s are Region B, the same Region as the UK, so if a Blu-ray is Region Locked within America (and is not getting a UK release) it might be worthwhile having a look at some Australian stores (especially DeVoteD DVD) as you may find end up finding what you want. The reason why Australian Blu-rays aren’t listed on this site is because by default they are REGION B, which means they will always work on UK Blu-ray players. Read more of this post