ATLUS Unveils Partial Voice Cast for Persona 5 English Dub


Persona 5, the long awaited next installment into the Persona franchise, returns next year within Europe and to give fans a ‘peek’ at the upcoming English Dub ATLUS, along with European distributor Koch Media / Deep Silver, have released a selection of trailers along with a partial cast announcement for the English Dub itself. Read more of this post

Blu-ray Release of Kill-La-Kill – Part 1 Pushed Back Till December


It seems like All The Anime can’t catch a break lately, as now their Blu-ray Release of Kill-La-Kill – Part 1 has been pushed back till the 1st December 2014 due to an desynchronisation issue with the English Audio.

Basically the English Dub track for Episode 4 goes out of sync, something which makes the entire episode difficult to watch due to sound effects and voices being later than they should. Interestingly this ‘error’ is only apparent on the Blu-ray version of the set and as such the DVD version is still on course for its 3rd November 2014 launch day, as Andrew from Anime Limited / All The Anime explains: Read more of this post

All The Anime Addresses the Gurren Lagann Ultimate Edition Issues

gurren_lagann_review_screenshot (1)

Earlier in the week reports came in that the Ultimate Edition of Gurren Lagann suffered from some rather amsuing but disappointg issues; well today All The Anime have provided an update to these issues so that hopefully everyone knows where they stand.

The first issue was that a wide selection of fans who received the product noticed that the third disc tray was either glued in the wrong place or had fallen off completely; this was down to a manufacturing fault and it seems in order to fix it viewers can either re-glue the disc try onto the card or request a replacement box. Read more of this post

Anime Limited’s DVD Release of Outlaw Star Delayed Again


It seem’s being an anime distributor is never a dull moment, as now Anime Limited is following in the trend’s of Kaze by delaying ‘another’ upcoming product, except this time there is good reason to. Speaking on the official Anime Limited Facebook account it has been confirmed that their DVD release of Outlaw Star has been delayed to an undisclosed release date.

Outlaw Star News: Many of you have been asking us ‘What is the deal with Outlaw Star? Is it still coming out?’ To which I say a firm: Definitely! We have, however, run into some issues when we QC’d the series.

Initially scheduled for release later this month, Anime Limited’s Re-mastered DVD release of Outlaw Star has been delayed yet again due to continuing audio issues, an issue which was noticed awhile ago but the company is waiting for a fix to be implemented, as the facebook post continues to explain. Read more of this post

Mai Mai Miracle Kickstarter Reaches First Stretch Goal, Second Stretch Goal Added


It’s seems that All The Anime’s debut Kickstarter Campaign is a “huge” success, as not only did the Mai Mai Miracle Kickstarter reach its $30,000 target within 24 hours but their English Dub stretch Goal of $60,000 has also now been reached. This means that everyone who backed the project for a copy of the film will receive it in both English and Japanese format, which is of course great news for anime fans.

To continue the trend of offering ‘additional bonuses’ a second stretch goal has been added, this time allowing the backers/supporters to choose what they want to be included next. The first option is an Audio Commentary from Jonathan Clements, the author of Anime: A History, and someone who has made many appearances on the Manga UK Podcast. The second option is for a Replica of the theatrical pamphlet that was handed out in cinemas during it’s initial cinematic run. This pamphlet will be reproduced and translated into English.

Both options offer a unique addition to the overall project and while the Audio Commentary would be nice I am more inclined to go with the physical pamphlet. Either way you can make your choice over on the backer-only section of the Kickstarter page, but only one of these options will also be used and that will only happen if the campaign reaches it’s new stretch goal of $75,000, which is currently $14,000 away.

As it stands everyone who has backed the project will receive their rewards, and any additional funding now will be used to unlock additional items and bonuses for the release.