HMV To Offer Exclusive Attack on Titan Blu-ray Steelbooks for Live-Action Movie

attack on titan live action movie screenshot

Those that wish to make their ‘Live-Action’ release of the Attack on Titan movies something a bit special will be excited to hear that Animatsu Entertainment have teamed up with high-street retailer HMV to offer an exclusive steenbok version of Attack on Titan – Part 1 and Attack on Titan – Part 2.
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Attack on Titan: Wings of Freedom European Release Date Announced


It’s been eight months since Japanese publisher Koei Tecmo announced that the Attack on Titan game would be coming to western auidiences; and today Koei Tecmo Europe have confirmed that it will be released on the 26th August 2016 for a variety of different platforms. Read more of this post

Quick Look: Survey Corps T-Shirt from Japan Goods


Over the past few months a new online anime merchandise retailer, known as Japan Goods,  has surfaced online; and their goal is to provide exclusive, affordable anime-related merchandise to the UK Public with their products being produced and shipped from within the UK. It’s an interesting goal and its one that will see Japan Goods rise-up against other online retailers, such as Tokyo Toys; but for the time being at least the retailer is small with only a handful of T-Shirts on offer. Read more of this post

FUNimation Now Pricing Structure Confirmed for UK


Following on from the UK Hype Reel Trailer released earlier in the week FUNimation have now announced the pricing structure for it’s online streaming service FUNimation Now.

For just £3.99 per month subscribers will receive unlimited ad-free HD access to the entire FUNimation Now streaming catalogue as well as newly released simulcast episodes. Alternatively for £6.99 per month subscribers will gain access to episodes in English as well as exclusive access to the simuldub episodes a week after they are broadcast in Japan. Read more of this post

Attack on Titan Movies to be Released on DVD & Blu-ray this year!


In a recent “Ask Andrew” segment on the Manga UK Blog it has been revealed that the live-action Attack on Titan movies will be released on DVD, Blu-ray and Limited Edition Steelbook later this year.

Specifically Attack on Titan – Part 1 will be released on the 27th June 2016 with the second part being released on the 25th July 2016.

I’m happy to say that Attack on Titan Movie 1 will be out on June 27. It’ll be available on DVD, Blu-ray and Limited Edition Steelbook. Movie 2 will shortly follow on July 25 and shall also come out as a Limited Edition Steelbook. Keep an eye on our Twitter and Facebook feeds for artwork reveal and pre-order information.

Both films previously received a limited run in cinemas last year; so its nice to see Animatsu / MangaUK announced a confirmed release date for the films.

Attack on Titan and Blue Exorcist to be re-released as Complete Series Boxsets


Manga Entertainment UK have announced plans to re-release Attack on Titan and Blue Exorcist as Complete Series Boxsets on Blu-ray and DVD later this year; and unlike previous season sets, such as Shiki, Persona 4: The Animation and Bleach some additional work is being done. Read more of this post

Animatsu and MangaUK Industry Panel Announcements from MCM London Comic Con October 2015


The second anime announcement panel of the MCM London Comic Con weekend was non-other than the Animatsu and MangaUK Panel which, once again, sees Chief Operating Officer Jerome Mazandarani and Marketing Manager Andew Hewson take to the stage to reveal a long list of announcements. Read more of this post

Scotland Loves Anime Glasgow and Edinburgh Screenings Confirmed


It’s nearly that time of the year where Glasgow and Edinburgh become overrun with anime fans in the Scotland Loves Animation, or Scotland Loves Anime if you prefer, movie festival; and over the past week ‘confirmed’ details of what will shown has been revealed. Read more of this post

Koei Tecmo Announces Attack on Titan game for Playstation Platforms


If you follow Koei Tecmo Europe through their social media channels then you may have noticed them teasing an upcoming announcement; well today the curtain was lifted and the distributor announced that they are working with Omega Force to release an action-based Attack on Titan videogame. Read more of this post

Anime Announcement Round-Up for MCM Manchester 2015


Missed out on all the exciting anime announcements that took place throughout the Manchester MCM Comic Con? or did you get bored of reading our ‘extensive’ articles on each distributor? Fear not as we have complied them all into a simple easy-to-read article for you. Read more of this post