Blu-Ray Review: Asura Cryin – The Complete Collection

Mechs, Magic and the Supernatural… What more could you want from an anime series? Well let’s add a slight harem, some comedy and destructive battles and then you get the series known as Asura Cryin. Sounds fun, but in actually its not. Either way let’s explore our thoughts on MVM Entertainment’s Blu-ray release of Asura Cryin – The Complete Collection. Read more of this post

Asura Cryin – Complete Collection Release Delayed by One Week

MVM Entertainment’s upcoming Blu-Ray release of Asura Cryin, which consists of both Season 1 and Season 2 of the 2009 anime series, was originally announced for release on the 21st October 2019; however the release date has now moved back one week to the 28th October 2019 according to updated listings on Amazon UK and Anime-On-Line. Read more of this post

MCM London Comic Con May 2019 Anime Announcement Summary

With the May 2019 MCM London Comic Con firmly behind us it is now time to sum-up what was announced during the course of the weekend, and while not much was announced – especially from Anime Limited – we did see some surprising and noteworthy titles being confirmed. Read more of this post

MVM Entertainment Announcement Round-Up from MCM London Comic Con May 2019

MVM Entertainment may not have had an industry panel, like that of Anime Limited, but they came to MCM London Comic Con May 2019 with a rather expansive list of new title announcements; including some notable highlights such as Anohana: Flowers We Saw That Day. Read more of this post