Unboxing: Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam – Part 1 & Part 2 [UK]

Anime Limited slowly continues to push out Mobile Suit Gundam franchises and this time we take a look at the distributors second major instalment into the Gundam franchise; namely the Collector’s Edition Blu-Ray releases of Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam. Read more of this post

Anime Limited To Release Persona 3 Movies on Standard Blu-Ray Next Year

Anime Limited have announced that they will be releasing ‘Standard Edition’ Blu-Ray versions of the Persona 3 movies next year. Read more of this post

Anime Limited to Release a Collector’s Edition Blu-ray Version of the Gurren Lagann Franchise

gurren_lagann_review_screenshot (8)

In a rather surprising discovery, as pointed out by NormanicGrav on Twitter, a listing on Zavvi has revealed that Anime Limited will be re-releasing the Gurren Lagann: Ultimate Edition set (which retailed for £149.99 several years ago) as a Collector’s Edition release next year. Read more of this post

Unboxing: Sailor Moon – Part 1 & Part 2 (Limited Edition DVD) [AUS]


With Sailor Moon Crystal getting it’s western release within Australia this month (of which you may have seen unboxed on our Twitter feed) via Madman Entertainment; I thought it would be fun togo back and give our readers a closer look at Madman Entertainment’s DVD release of the original Sailor Moon TV series; starting with Sailor Moon – Part 1 and it’s follow-up release Sailor Moon – Part 2. Read more of this post

Fullmetal Alchemist: Ultimate Edition Final Prototype Packaging Unveiled


Anime Limited have today teased fans with a first glimpse at the final coloured prototype version of the resin designed box that will hold the Fullmetal Alchemist Blu-ray set; and it looks amazing. Read more of this post

Anime Limited Confirm Assassination Classroom – Season 1 Part 1 Release Plans


Anime Limited have today revealed that they will be releasing Assassination Classroom – Season 1 Part 1 on the 30th May 2016 as a Limited Edition Blu-ray and Standard Edition DVD within the UK.

The idea is that the Limited Edition variation of the Blu-ray will contain a chipboard artbox which will hold both Part 1 and Part 2, similar to the American FUNimation release of the series, as well as some art cards and a Kunugigaoka Academy Student Handbook & Student Diary. In retrospect it’s being released in a similar fashion to how Mobile Suit Gundam – Part 1 was released except this time the artbox are not limited ot 1,000 units. Read more of this post

Unboxing: Kill La Kill – Box 3 (Collectors Edition Blu-ray with Artbox) [UK]


With Anime Limited recently announcing that the Collectors Edition of Kill La Kill – Box 3, which includes the artbox to hold all three boxes in, has been discontinued i thought now would be the perfect time to unboxing our copy and show you what you had missed out on. Read more of this post

UK Blu-ray Release of Mobile Suit Gundam – Part 1 To Include an Artbox


UK Anime distributor Anime Limited have recently revealed through social media that anyone purchasing the upcoming Blu-ray release of Mobile Suit Gundam – Part 1, which is scheduled for release on the 30th November 2015, will include an artbox to hold both parts in. Read more of this post

Unboxing: Puella Magi Madoka Magica – Movies 1 & 2 (Limited Edition Blu-ray) [AUS]


With Manga Entertainment releasing the Puella Magi Madoka Magica Movies onto Blu-ray next month we’ve opted to unbox the Australian Limited Edition Blu-ray bundle which was released late last year by Madman Entertainment. Why exactly are we doing this? Well it gives you an idea of what to expect from Manga Entertainments release and, if it turns out to be different, gives you an idea on which version to choose. Read more of this post

Unboxing: Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood – The OVA Collection (Artbox Blu-ray Edition) [AUS]


When it comes to anime releases our friends over the pond in the Australia seem to know what they are doing; for starters not only do they author majority of our UK releases (with the exception of Hanabee Releases) but they also release some rather quality products when it comes to Limited Edition bundles and artboxes. Case and point this release of Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood – The OVA Collection (Artbox Blu-ray Edition) which i’ll be unboxing today.

When this product was released in the UK we received the collection as a DVD and Blu-ray Combo Pack with a thin carded sleeve wrapped around the amaray case (for the first print-run only); however in Australia this was released as a standard or an Artbox version – with the artbox itself having space for the ‘entire’ five-part instalment and the Scared Star of Milos movie; now thats how you create a limited edition product. Read more of this post