Riding Bean Blu-ray Kickstarter Achieves Target Within a Day


During the course of the weekend AnimEigo, the company which previously released Bubblegum Crisis onto Blu-ray a few years back, launched a Kickstarter campaign for Sonoda Ken’ichi”s fast-paced action OVA film Riding Bean and within 24 hours the campaign was successfully funded.

The concept of the Kickstarter campaign, much like the previously released Bubblegum Crisis Kickstarter, was to secure funds to release a Blu-ray Edition of Riding Bean with the film itself in crisp 1080p quality, English and Japanese with English subtitles and a selection of bonus on-disc content. AnimEigo were hoping to secure $30,000 within the 30 day period of the campaign but at the time of writing the company has secured over $78k and shows no sign of stopping; all of which can be seen on the Kickstarter campaign page. Read more of this post

Animeigo Starts Kickstarter Project for Ultimate Blu-ray Edition of Bubblegum Crisis


Robert Woodhead, Founder and CEO of Animeigo, has recently started a kickstarter campaign to secure funds to produce an “Ultimate Blu-ray Edition” of classic anime series Bubblegum Crisis.

Basically Animeigo is looking for $75,000 in order to secure (and produce) a Blu-ray Release of Bubblegum Crisis, which (as you’d expect) will be presented in a newly remastered High Definition format. The funding will be used to not only secure a near global license but it will also be used to obtain a selection of extras features, provide an improved English & Japanese Audio tracks and more importantly packaging and distribution to everyone that supports the project.

As with all Kickstarter Campaigns their are multiple tier options, with $50 (and additional $10 for postage) being requried to obtain a copy of the Blu-ray, with the Blu-ray itself featuring the entire OVA and being region-free.

The kickstarter Campaign still has another 26 days left to go, but it has already secured over $60,000 – so its safe to assume that the target of $75,000 will be reached. If you want to support the project, and secure yourself a copy of the series, then you can head over to the official kickstarter campaign and donate, otherwise you may never be able to get yourselves a copy of it.