DVD Review: Amagami SS – The Complete Collection

Amagami SS offers not one, but numerous types of romance stories but what can one expect to receive from MVM Entertainment’s DVD release of the series? Well let’s find out! Read more of this post

MVM Entertainment To Release Amagami SS & Amagami SS+ on Blu-ray and DVD within the UK


In a rather surprise announcement through social media MVM Entertainment have revealed that they will be releasing Amagami SS, and in turn it’s sequel Amagami SS+, on Blu-ray and DVD within the UK later this year. Read more of this post

Amagami SS+ – The Complete Collection – REGION FREE

Amagami SS+ – The Complete Collection

BD Region: A and B (Confirmed playable in the UK)
Boxart states Region A only
– Confirmed Region B Compatible by @Y2Johnny

Price: $49.78 / £30.37 (Excludes Postage)

Episodes: 1 – 13 (2 Disc Set)

Plot: So far, Junichi Tachibana has been luckier than any guy has any right to be, getting to experience what it would be like to be romantically paired with not one, not two, but SEVEN different beautiful girls in a multiple of alternate universes. So how can he possibly follow that up? Well, how about with continuations of all of those storylines!

Yes, all of the pairings are back as each of the girls returns to follow up the romantic advancements in each of their possible futures! Is Junichi going to be able to handle a second go-round with Tsukasa, Rihoko, Ai, Kaoru, Sae, Haruka, and even Risa? Will little sis Miya get a follow up to her own sneaky storyline too?

The answer’s yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, maybe, yes and oh yes as boy meets girl, girl, girl, girl, girl, girl and girl again!

Amagami SS – The Complete Collection – REGION LOCKED

Amagami SS – The Complete Collection

BD Region: A (Confirmed NOT playable in the UK)
Boxart states Region A only
– It may be compatible Playable on Region B devices by using the ‘Title Search Method

Price: $74.68 / £45.55 (Excludes Postage)

Episodes: 1 – 24 + OVA (3 Disc Set)

Plot: Junichi Tachibana has never been lucky in love. Ever since his date stood him up on Christmas Eve two years ago, he’s pretty much given up on the whole idea; however, there are quite a few girls who would all make wonderful partners for Junichi if he would only open his eyes. Could he have struck up a meaningful relationship with any of them if he’d done the right things and said the right words?

Well, it’s time to find out as Fate steps in and decides to see what would happen if Junichi were to snap out of his funk and take a chance. It’s a whole new twist on the idea of love at sixth or seventh sight, and if one boy and a whole lot of different girlfriends-to-be sounds like a lot of wishful thinking… well, it is! But wishes have a habit of coming true and the statistical odds are definitely on Junichi’s side as the guy without a date’s luck with the ladies goes from bad to multi-verse!