Numskull Games Announces Partnership with Spike Chunsoft to Release CRYSTAR and AI: THE SOMNIUM FILES within Europe

Earlier in the year Numskull Designs, the clothing and merchandise manufacturer that release officially licensed gaming merchandise, announced that it was going to expand into video games with the unveiling of Numskull Games. So far Numskull Games title line-up has been quite scarce but today the company announced a new partnership with Japanese developer-come-publisher SPIKE CHUNSOFT in order to release CRYSTAR and AI: THE SOMNIUM FILES within Europe and Australia. Read more of this post

Spike Chunsoft Confirms European Release Dates for AI: THE SOMNIUM FILES and CRYSTAR

For the past few months Spike Chunsoft have been unveiling details for upcoming titles AI: THE SOMNIUM FILES and CRYSTAR and while these were ‘expected’ for a European release it turns out the information was just for North America. Fear not though as today Spike Chunsoft have confirmed that both titles will be released in Europe and more importantly they will be released alongside the North American releases. Read more of this post

Meet the Characters of AI: THE SOMNIUM FILES

Spike Chunsoft have released new details for the upcoming game AI: THE SOMNIUM FILES; this time introducing potential players to the unique cast of characters (and the respective English & Japanese voice actors) that players will meet. Read more of this post

AI: THE SOMNIUM FILES Gameplay Details Revealed in A-Set Net Idol Video

Spike Chunsoft are taking a different route to promoting their upcoming detective mystery AI: THE SOMNIUM FILES as new gameplay details have been revealed through the internet virtual idol A-Set. Read more of this post

Spike Chunsoft To Release AI: The Somnium Files and CRYSTAR This Year

Spike Chunsoft have announced that detective mystery game AI: The Somnium Files and brand new IP CRYSTAR will be released within Europe and North America later this year. Read more of this post

Spike Chunsoft Unveils AI: The Somnium Files for Worldwide Release

As part of their Anime Expo 2018 attendance Spike Chunsoft announced a brand new IP for worldwide release; and the project is headed by Kotaro Uchikoshi, who is of course the director and scenario writer for the ever popular murder mystery puzzle game Zero Time Escape. Read more of this post