Anime Limited Confirms 3D Blu-ray Release of 009 RE:Cyborg

A few days ago Twitter User @Agent347 noticed that a listing for a Collectors Edition of the CGI animated film 009 RE:Cyborg had appeared on Amazon UK, with the distributor listed as 101 Anime, despite Anime Limited distributing it within UK Cinema’s earlier this year.

After confronting Anime Limited about the listing, they confirmed that the ‘Collectors Edition’ listing is correct, but it is themselves (Anime Limited) that will be releasing it and not 101 Films.

Basically after its successful stint at Cinemas, Anime Limited will be releasing 009 RE:Cyborg as a Collectors Edition Blu-ray / DVD Combo Pack. Exact details, such as special features or packaging details, have yet to be confirmed but we do know that it will include both the 3D and 2D versions of the film on Blu-ray Discs along with a separate DVD edition of the film.

The Collector’s Edition bundle of 009 RE: Cyborg Collector is currently listed for release on the 13th January 2014.