Quick Look: Bleach – Series 14 Part 2


Can you believe that it’s been well over half a year since the previous instalment of Bleach was released into the UK anime market; Me neither, but here we finally are with Bleach – Series 14 Part 2; the latest joint-release from Manga Entertainment and  Kaze and it’s a set that i’ll be taking a closer look at today so you guys will know what you can expect from it.

Containing thirteen episodes, and spread across three DVD Discs, Bleach – Series 14 Part 2 brings the Fall of the Arrancar story arc to it’s conclusion with a mixture of ‘manga-adaptated’ storylines and filler episodes. For the most this set can be seperated into two halves; the first half (Episodes 304 to 309) interact with the main story of the Soul Reapers attempting to stop Aizen – which results in a final destructive battle between; while the remainder of this set (Episodes 310 to 316) focus on other elements of the Bleach Universe; such as the introductions of new captains, friends long forgotten and amusing side-stories that involve everyones favourite Kon. Read more of this post

Quick Look: Berserk: The Golden Age Arc III – The Advent


The final instalment into the ‘Golden Age Arc’ storyline of Berserk will soon be upon us, next Monday to be exact, and since the release date is so close we’ve opted to take a ‘quick look’ at the Blu-ray release of the film rather than a full-fledged review; so lets get to it.

Clocking-in at just under two hours Berserk: The Golden Agrc Arc III – The Advent, or simply known as Berserk: Movie 3 – The Advent, takes place one year since Griffith, the leader of the band of the hawks, was imprisoned by the Kingdom of Midland. During that timeframe the Band of the Hawks have been on the run from the Kingdom; that is until Guts returns and they attempt a daring rescue mission on the capital in order to save their leader; but is it too late. Read more of this post

Quick Look: Bleach – Series 14 Part 1


It’s been over four months since we last saw a Bleach DVD being released into the UK and it’s been a painfully long wait for those wanting to see what happens next; well today i’ll be taking a quick look at that ‘said’ instalment as we see what Kaze’s UK DVD Release of Bleach – Series 14 Part 1 has to offer. Read more of this post

Quick Look: Bleach – Series 13 Part 2


With the second part of Bleach Series 13 being released onto DVD very shortly (9th June 2014 to be exact) we’ve decided to take a ‘quick look’ at it to see whats on offer, and as you’d expect it’s an endless supply of Soul Reaper entertainment.

Featuring 13 uncut episodes and spread over three dvd discs we are treated to episodes 279 to 291 and it resumes right where the previous instalment left off, with the Soul Reapers forming an uneasy alliance with the Visoreds in attempt to destory the Espadas once and all. An endless battle between Soul Reapers, Visoreds and Espadas is whats on offer and quite frankly its a colleciton of episodes that is ‘long overdue’. Read more of this post

Quick Look: Short Peace: Ranko Tsukigime’s Longest Day


We recently managed to spend some time with Bandai Namco Games upcoming release of Short Peace: Ranko Tsukigime’s Longest Day and two of the animated shorts, but what exactly did we discover? Well lets find out.

As we already explained in our break-down this PS3 release of Short Peace is a combination of four animated shorts and a fast paced platform game developed by Crispy’s in conjunction with Goichi Suda (Suda 51), however what you may not know is that the game is considered the fifth part of the Short Peace collection and in turn offers a complete package to the user.

To make it slightly easier I’ve broken this preview down into two segments, the gameplay and the movies, this way you can view our opinions of each product separately. Read more of this post

Quick Look: Bleach – Series 13 Part 1


It’s time for another quick look and this time we are taking a look at Kaze’s upcoming DVD release of Bleach – Series 13 Part 1, which is being released into the UK by Manga Entertainment UK on the 7th April 2014.

Bleach – Series 13 Part 1 contains 13 uncut episodes and resumes the story left off from Episode 226, which amusingly is 40 episodes prior to the first episode included on this disc. The reason for that was the previous 40 episodes were filler episodes created by the studio in order to allow Tite Kubo (the original manga author) time to create the story. In other words if you haven’t seen the entirity of Bleach Series 12 (which came in 3 DVD instalments) you can still watch Bleach Series 13 Part 1 without feeling lost. Read more of this post

Quick Look: Nura: Rise of the Yokai Clan – Season 2 Part 1

Nura_Rise_of_Yokai_Season2_Part1 (2)

It’s time to take a quick look at Kaze’s latest DVD Release for Nura: Rise of the Yokai – Season 2 Part 1 and since there isn’t much to show there isn’t a video this time.

Introducing Nura: Rise of the Yokai Clan – Demon Capital – Part 1, or more commonly referred to as Season 2 Part 1, a DVD release by Kaze Entertainment that contains 13 episodes of the second season across three DVD Discs and while it’s been a year since we looked at Season 1 Part 1, not a lot has changed. Read more of this post

Quick Look: Bleach – Series 12 Part 3

Bleach_Series12_Part3_Screenshot The third and final part of Bleach Series 12, also known as Zanpakutō: The Alternate Tale arc, has arrived so lets take a quick look at what this DVD Set has to offer.

Containing 12 episodes this two disc DVD set concludes the story arc of the Zanpakuto, whereby the soul reapers weapons revert to their human forms and rebel against their former masters, while in the background a more sinister enemy threat approaches. Read more of this post

Quick Look: Bleach – Series 12 Part 2


It’s time for another “quick look” at an upcoming anime release and this time it’s the second part of Series 12 of Bleach (i.e. Series 12 Part 2), and just like with the previous instalment it is being distributed into the UK by Manga UK on behalf of Kaze.

Bleach Series 12 Part 2 continues the destructive story of the Zanpakut Battles within the Seireitei, whereby the latest enemy threat is revealed as Muramasa, an enemy that is controlling the Soul Reapers Zanpakut’s and using them to attack everyone within the Seireitei. With this confusion between the Soul Reapers and their Zankpakut, Muramasa attempts to put his ‘true’ plan into motion, with Ichigo being the key to his success. It is a decisive storyline that provides plenty of action with a lot of familiar and unfamiliar faces. Read more of this post

Quick Look: Bleach – Series 12 Part 1


It’s time for another “quick look” at an upcoming anime release and this time it’s the latest instalment into the long running Bleach franchise, Bleach – Series 12 Part 1. This latest Bleach release, yet again being distributed by Manga UK on behalf of Kaze, is also known as ‘Zanpakut : The Alternate Tale” and provides 12 episodes into that story arc.

The Story Arc itself takes a closer look at the Zanpakut, the sword that Soul Reapers use in battle, as well as the burdens that it can contain. As expected a new enemy threat appears and it’s not long before Ichigo and his friends must team-up to defeat this new foe. It’s the same reoccurring characters (Renji, Rukia etc), but an altenate twist to a repeated story, as the new enemies themselves are actually humanised forms of the Zanpakut.


In regards to the DVDs themselves, Bleach DVD’s have always been rather scarce and this latest instalment is no different with the discs themselves each containing six episodes (in both Stereo English or Japanese audio) and a ‘special’ feature. That special feature itself is a text less opening (Disc 1) and text less ending (Disc 2), however there are some trailers set before the DVD Menu, but nothing that we haven’t seen already.

Bleach – Series 12 Part 1 is as you would expect it to be, a collection of episodes that continue the story of the ‘Bleach’ saga whereby Ichigo must defeat hollows and help his friends when they are in danger. If you haven’t started watching Bleach then there is a lot to be catching up on, as newcomers might just get a bit lost – though this release does have a nice introduction explanation the origins of Souls Reapers and Zanpakuts.

Bleach – Series 12 Part 1 will be available on DVD from the 28th October 2013.