Top 100 Anime Blogs – AnimeBlurayUK Joins the List!

After more than 10 years of being an active anime blog, AnimeBlurayUK has officially joined Feedspot’s Top 100 Anime Blogs List. Of course, we are grateful to be included in the list, but if you have ever wanted to check other anime related news from across the world then be sure to visit the list to find some entirely new, and familiar, faces in the world of anime news.

Demonstration: Using the Title Search Method on Sentai Region Locked Titles


As many of you may already be aware the original idea for this blog/site was to provide a list of Anime Blu-ray titles that work perfectly fine on UK Blu-ray players and consoles, however in the past few weeks I’ve had several people ask me about the infamous title search method, a method which allows a variety of Sentai produced Region locked titles to work on UK Blu-ray players. Well today I will explain what it is and show you how to do it. Read more of this post

Update and Clarification To Region Lock Listings

With the site becoming more popular i thought i would take a moment to update (and clarify) some of the posts regarding Blu-ray Discs being labelled as “Region Locked” when some people have discovered that they can be made playable on a UK Blu-ray Player.

As many of you may be aware, especially members from the UK Anime Forum, some Anime Blu-rays, such as discs from Sentai Filmworks, Aniplex USA and Viz Media, can be played on a UK (Region B) Blu-ray player by using the title search method. This method “does” indeed work, but it does not work on all Blu-ray players and can requrie a bit of “technical know-how” to preform it, as you have to manually choose which title to play which could result in the wrong item being played.

Because this title search method is not guaranteed to work on all Blu-ray Players (something which i have confirmed myself) and can be complicated to use, i do not use it in any of my disc testing, and as such if the disc does not work using my methods then i class the Blu-ray “Region Locked”.

The idea of this site was to highlight what US Blu-ray Discs worked on UK Blu-ray Players without any modifications or tricks. The only option i do use, and reccomend (as you are still granted full use of the disc menu and extra features) is the “Disc Menu” option, as some Blu-ray Discs (such as the recent Nura: Rise of Yokai) can have the region lock screen bypassed by pressing the disc menu button and the disc itself will continue to operate as normal.

Basically if a US Blu-ray Disc works in UK Blu-ray players then the disc will be classed REGION FREE, if the Region A only screen appears but is bypassed (and works as normal) by pressing the “Disc Menu” button then the disc is still classed as REGION FREE, however if the disc does not work via either of these methods then the disc is classed REGION LOCKED.

Demonstration: Play Needless Part 1 & Part 2 on a UK Blu-ray Player

While Needless Part 1 and Needless Part 2 maybe listed as REGION LOCKED, it is still possible to play these Blu-ray Discs on a UK Blu-ray Player.

In order to play these discs on a UK Blu-ray Plaer the user must press the ‘Disc Menu’ or ‘Title Menu’ button on their Blu-ray Players remote control during the ‘Wrong Region Code’ error screen. In doing so this will then bypass the ‘Wrong Region Code’ error screen and go straight to the main menu, allowing the user to watch the Blu-ray as originally intended. Read more of this post

Anime Blu-ray UK is 1 Year Old

The Anime Blu-ray UK Blog is today 1 year old and i’d like to thank everyone that has viewed or commented on the website, i hope that you have found it helpful and i hope you will find it helpful in the future.

As you may have noticed this blog isn’t the most refreshed or updated blog – but as soon as i have the information (or checked it myself) regarding a particular title then i will post it up.

Top 3 Viewed Articles:

These are the top three most viewed articles in the past year.

1) Dragonball Z Kai Part 4 (Region Check)
2) MangaUK Confirms UK Release of Yu-Gi-Oh! 3D Blu-ray
3) UK Bank Holiday Anime Movie Listings Guide

The Past year has been a lot of fun and i hope the next year gets even better, if you want to get in touch with me then feel free via twitter, leave a comment below or contact me via ZOMGPlay.

Anime Blu-Ray UK Blog Changes

Ive had this small blog running for 4 months now and ive decided to make a few changes – i’ll still be posting Region Coding information for USA Anime Blu-rays (as that is the main purpose of this site) however i will also post up information regarding Blu-rays from other countries (if needed or if requested).

For example i recently published Region coding information for Professor Layton & The Eternal Diva and Ghost In The Shell Double Pack – as these were requests from amercian Viewers of the website – as it works out cheaper for them to Buy the UK Versions instead of the american version.

Another noticable change is that i will update releases (that have already been posted on this site) if they are found to be working in the UK (when previously only been read as USA only).

An example of this is Moribito – Guardian Of The Spirit – Part 1, as the packaging states REGION A, however it actually works in UK Blu-ray players.

If there is any Blu-rays you would like to see on this site then please leave a comment or ask me via Twitter

Welcome To Anime Blu-ray UK

Welcome to “Anime Blu-ray UK”, a small blog created by anime fan & gamer “Emo185”.

The purpose of the”Anime Blu-ray UK” blog is to share information of Anime blu-ray releases in the UK, as well as show you which non-UK Blu-rays work in the UK and where you can buy them from.

Much like DVD’s, Blu-ray disc’s and blu-ray players have “region encoding” implied on them, meaning that only the correct region disc will work in your player. If you purchased your PS3 / Blu-ray player from within the UK then it should be a REGION B Player, however if not it could be one of three different regions (as shown below).

Region A = America & Canada
Region B = UK & Europe
Region C = Asia

To Check which region your player is you could either consult your manual or check the back of the machine, as most blu-ray players list what region the machine is on the back.

Some distributors make the disc’s REGION FREE, so these disc’s will work in any part of the world, this usually happens when the disc is released worldwide within the same week or if the distributor deciedes to release it this way.

Most Blu-ray disc’s however are REGION LOCKED, espically anime blu-ray discs, but this blog will show you which Anime Blu-rays will work in the UK.

So stay “tooned” and enjoy the world of HD Anime.