Interview: A Conversation with Makoto Shinkai; the Director of Your Name


To celebrate the UK theatrical release of Makoto Shinkai’s feature-length-film Your Name, which is now available in cinemas throughout the UK, Anime Limited sat down with the director to ask him several questions about the film and today you will be able to see that conversation in full. Read more of this post

Toco Toco TV Show Sees Ghost in the Shell Music Composer Kenji Kawai Interviewed

toco kenji kawai_interview
The Japanese Discovery Show Toco Toco TV, which is broadcast on Youtube as well as France and Japan, has recently conducted an Interview with Patlabor and Ghost in the Shell Music Composer Kenji Kawai which highlights his life in Japan and as well as experiences working as a composer for various anime projects. Read more of this post

Interview: A Q&A Session with Blue Exorcist Movie Director Atsushi Takahashi and Producer Takamitsu Inoue


During the London May 2014 MCM Comic-con weekend we managed to have a quick Q&A Session with the director (Atsushi Takahashi) and the producer (Takamitsu Inoue) of the Blue Exorcist Movie, so we decided to find out first hand what it was like to direct and produce one of the biggest animated films of last year. Read more of this post