MVM Entertainment to Release GOD EATER on Blu-ray and DVD Next Year


In a rather surprising announcement MVM Entertainment have today revealed that they will be releasing the GOD EATER anime on DVD and Blu-ray at some point in the near future. Read more of this post

MVM Entertainment to Release Little Busters on Blu-ray & DVD Within the UK


MVM Entertainment continues to surprise fans by quietly announcing new additions to their anime catalogue; as during the weekend MVM confirmed that they will be releasing J.C. Staff’s anime adaptation of Little Busters on Blu-ray and DVD within the UK. Read more of this post

Sakura Trick Release Date Pushed Back to Mid-December


Those looking forward to MVM Entertainment’s UK release of Studio DEEN’s slice-of-life anime Sakura Trick will be disappointed to hear that it has been pushed back to the 19th December 2016. Read more of this post

Anime Announcement Round-up from MCM London Comic Con October 2016


As per usual it has been a busy few days with the October 2016 MCM London Comic Con and if you seemingly missed our videos of each distributors panel, or are distributor announcement articles, then you’ll be happy to know that everything announcement throughout the entire weekend can be found within this single article! So; let’s get to it! Read more of this post

MVM Entertainment Announcement Round-Up from MCM London Comic Con October 2016


MVM Entertainment continues to provide a different type of MCM London Comic Con experience for anime fans; as with Manga UK hosting a panel to announce their new licenses, and Anime Limited opting to announce titls at their booth at regular intervals, MVM Entertainment decided (once again) to announce everything at once via social media; something which worked in MVM’s favour with their announcement of the Girls und Panzer film. Read more of this post

MVM’s Blu-ray Release of the Original Berserk Anime Series Delayed Until Next Year


MVM Entertainment have today taken to social media to reveal that their upcoming ‘Collector’s Edition’ Blu-ray release of the original Berserk TV Anime Series has been delayed until next year. Read more of this post

Nobunaga the Fool – Part 1 & Log Horizon – Season 2 Part 2 Release Dates Changed


Although not immiedately noticable it seems like MVM Entertainment have made some amendments to it’s anime release schedule; specifically the Blu-ray and DVD releases of Nobunaga the Fool – Part 1 and Log Horizon – Season 2 Part 2. Read more of this post

Sentai Filmworks License Girls und Panzer Der Film for UK


Although we cover American products, in terms of physical unboxings and region checks, we hardly ever provide news on the latest licenses by american distributors; however today’s news is a bit special as the American Anime Distributor Sentai Filmworks, who as you may know occasionally sub-license shows to the UK, have announced that they have licensed the Girls Und Panzer film for both the UK and America as well as Australia, Ireland and New Zealand. Read more of this post

MVM’s Blu-ray Release of Berserk to Receive the Collector’s Edition Treatment


Last month MVM Entertainment revealed that it would be releasing the original Berserk TV anime series onto Blu-ray, a fact which we previously reported on, well recently MVM’s own online store anime-on-line update the producting listing to reveal that this Blu-ray Edition of Berserk will aso receive the collector’s editiont treatment. Read more of this post

Nobunaga The Fool, Photo Kano & Sakura Trick Release Dates Announced


Yesterday MVM Entertainment made the surprising announcement that they would be bringing Berserk, Chobits and Ergo Proxy to the UK on Blu-ray; and today that excitement continues with release date announcements for Nobunaga the Fool, Photo Kano and Sakura Trick, all of which will receive a DVD and Blu-ray release later this year. Read more of this post