Breakers Collection to receive Physical Release via Strictly Limited Games

Strictly Limited Games have announced that they will release a physical edition of Breakers Collection, a collection of classic 2D fighting games Breakers and Breakers Revenge by QUByte Interactive, onto the Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 in the near future.

This western release of Breakers Collection, of which contains Breakers and Breakers Revenge, will mark the first time that the classic 2D sprite-based fighter has been released in the West.

The Breakers Collection includes two games: Breakers, a 2D fighting game released by Visco on December 17, 1996, for the Neo Geo and Arcades in Japan, as well as its sequel Breakers Revenge, released on July 3, 1998. On top of that, there will be brand-new content for the cult classics like an online mode, a training mode, an art gallery, and more. 

In terms of gameplay, fans can expect the same special action-based fights similar to other fighting games of that era. Each of the eight distinctive fighters in Breakers, as well as the two additional characters from the sequel, Breakers Revenge, can perform super moves by accumulating enough energy in their power gauge and performing the command. On top of that, genre-typical moves like dashing, back-stepping, or acrobatic combos complete the old-school fighting game experience you don’t want to miss!

Strictly Limited Games will release Breakers Collection in two different physical formats, a standard limited edition and a Collector’s Edition; both of which will become available to pre-order on 22nd May 2022 and expected to ship later in the year.

Limited Edition:
[limited to 4,000 copies for Nintendo Switch and 1,500 for each PS4 and PS] – 29.99€ / $34.99

  • Limited edition box 
  • Colourful Game Manual  

Collector’s Edition:
[limited to 3,000 copies for Nintendo Switch and 1,000 each for PS4 and PS5] – 59.99€ / $65.99

  • Collector’s edition box 
  • Colourful Game Manual  
  • Tia Langray Headband with Breakers Collection logo 
  • Two sweat wristbands with Breakers Collection logo  
  • Soundtrack with songs from both Breakers and Breakers Revenge 
  • Acrylic diorama featuring Tia Langray and Sho Kamui  
  • Arcade flyer for Crystal Legacy (original Breakers prototype), A5 size 
  • Double-sided poster with main visuals, A2 size 
  • Breakers collection die cut logo sticker 
  • 10 Character Cards, A7 size
  • Lenticular card

Breakers Collection will be available on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 with pre-orders kicking off on Sunday, May 22nd, at 12 AM CET (midnight).

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