My Hero Academia: World Heroes’ Mission to receive Cinematic Release in UK this October

FUNimation UK have recently announced that the third feature-length My Hero Academia movie, known as My Hero Academia: World Heroes’ Mission, will receive a limited cinematic run in UK cinemas this October.

In My Hero Academia: World Heroes’ Mission, U.A. High School students Izuku Midoriya, Shoto Todoroki, and Katsuki Bakugo face the greatest crisis in My Hero Academia history, with only two hours to save the world! During their internship with the number one Pro Hero Endeavor Agency, Deku and his new friend Rody find themselves wanted nationwide for a crime they didn’t commit.  Can Deku and his friends stop Humarise’s global plans of eliminating all Quirks?

Specific details, and cinema availability, have yet to be confirmed, but the film will be shown in both English and Japanese (with English subtitle) voice options as FUNimation UK have also confirmed the cast list for both variations of the film. As you’d expect voice-actors from the TV series return to reprise their roles.

Cast List:

Izuku Midoriya – Justin Briner (English), Daiki Yamashita (Japanese) 
Katsuki Bakugo – Clifford Chapin (English), Nobuhiko Okamoto (Japanese)
Shoto Todoroki – David Matranga (English), Yuki Kaji (Japanese) 
Endeavor – Patrick Seitz (English), Tetsu Inada (Japanese) 
Flect Turn – Robbie Daymond (English), Kazuya Nakai (Japanese)
Pino – Cristina Vee (English), Megumi Hayashibara (Japanese) 
Rody Soul – Ryan Colt Levy (English), Ryo Yoshizawa (Japanese) 

My Hero Academia currently has five seasons and two feature length films, with the fifth season currently being simulcast on streaming platforms (such as FUNimation) within the UK. The previous other seasons and films are available on DVD and Blu-Ray within the UK and the two films are available to stream on Netflix and FUNimation.

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