Mary Skelter Finale to include “Mary Skelter: Locked up in Love – True End” DLC and “Story Recaps”

Idea Factory International have confirmed that the upcoming release of Mary Skelter Finale for the Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4, which acts as a conclusion to the Mary Skelter franchise, will include the Mary Skelter: Locked up in Love – True End DLC and STORY RECAPS of the previous games.

As previously reported, as part of the Idea Factory Summer Festival Event, Mary Skelter: Locked Up in Love – Blood High was a bonus game made available in Japan and saw the cast of the franchise in a romantic comedy visual novel spin-off set in a high school. The newly announced “Mary Skelter: Locked up in Love – True End” DLC was also a Japanese exclusive bonus and acts as a canonical end to the franchise. Both of these will be localised and included with the western version of the game, however voice-over sequences will remain in Japanese only.

Nintendo Switch and PS4 users can also grab the FREE Grand Finale Bundle, which includes the True End DLC, as well as additional items + Job Sets at launch:

  • Mary Skelter: Locked Up In Love – True End
  • Supply Drop
  • Traveler’s Equipment
  • Mary Skelter Job Set l
  • Mary Skelter Job Set ll
  • Purification Gallery Unlock
  • Mary Skelter 2 Job Set l
  • Mary Skelter 2 Job Set ll
  • Death end re;Quest Attire Set l

In addition to the confirmation of the Locked Up In Love DLC being made available for Western fans Idea Factory International have also confirmed that Mary Skelter Finale will include in-depth recaps from the previous games. As confirmed these STORY RECAPS will include all movies, event CGS and BGMS from both main and sub-events that are related to the story. Sadly these scenes will not be voiced, unlike in the original games, but it does mean that fans can experience the story of both Mary Skelter: Nightmares and Mary Skelter 2 without having to find (or playthrough) the previous games. It’s also worth noting that Mary Skelter 2 on the Nintendo Switch does include Mary Skelter: Nightmares

Finally the official website for Mary Skelter Finale has been updated with new gameplay details, character bios and screenshots. So fans eager to see (and learn) more about the game can do so. In the meantime Mary Skelter Finale is planned for a PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch launch on the 1st October 2021 within Europe. Limited Edition(s) will be available through the European Idea Factory Store starting from 1st September 2021.

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