FUNimation UK Confirms Quality Concerns with K-ON Limited Edition Blu-Ray Discs

FUNimation UK have today acknowledged the quality concerns and playback issues raised within the recently released K-ON Limited Edition Blu-Ray set, a set which contained both seasons of the anime TV series and the feature-length-film in a single box, and have requested those affected to return the product for a refund. It’s not currently known whether FUNimation UK plan to re-issue (or re-release) the set in the future.

The issue began late last week when early receivers of the set noticed visual faults at specific points on Discs 2, 3 and 4, whereby the picture would distort and become pixelated or jump a few frames depending on the player, as reported here on Anime UK News. As more customers received the set the issue became more wide spread, and so customers contacted FUNimation UK for advice who have today responded by acknowledging the issue. It’s not known what caused the fault to occur, perhaps a bad encode from the source or corrupted master files, but the disc materials that FUNimation UK used for this set are the older disc materials previously used in other regions rather than more newer materials. FUNimation UK previously did the same with the slightly older CLANNAD Collection.

Visual and playback issues aside the discs (and episodes) themselves are still fully watchable, and depending on the player being used the issue may not appear, but it’s still an issue that appears on these discs. As this issue can be replicated, and is wide-spread, those affected are being asked to return the product to the point of purchase (i.e. the retailer) to request a refund. Should the retailer refuse a refund, as the product has been unsealed, then customers can direct them to the official message on the FUNimation channels.

While FUNimation UK are asking for customers to return the product for a refund they have not specified whether they plan to re-release this collection, or in turn this Limited Edition (which is now out of print – and most likely recalled), in the near future; but they did mention that re-issue details would be revealed in the future.

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