Idea Factory International Unveils New “Vtuber” details for Neptunia Virtual Stars

Publisher Idea Factory International have recently released some new details surrounding the localised version of Neptunia Virtual Stars, which is of course the next entry into the ever-expanding Hyperdimension Neptunia franchise that launches onto the PlayStation 4 and Steam later this year.

As part of this latest ‘content drop’ fans will learn new information about the Vtubers within the world of this game and how they can help players through their adventure. In addition to new information a variety of screenshots highlighting these details have also been made available on the official website.

Character Types:

V-Idols are virtual idols from distant dimensions who were summoned by Faira to save Planet Emote from the Antis.

Vtubers are real-life internet stars who have been kidnapped by the Antis to destroy Planet Emote’s content. The Gamindustri Goddesses and V-Idols must collect V-Cubes from defeated V-Hunters to save the Vtubers.


Players will have to progress through several dungeons to defeat the Antis that await on the battlefield! Explore new and unique dungeons that range from giant libraries to structures made of desserts!

Guest Vtuber System:

When the planet Emote had been invaded, several Vtubers were taken hostage with no way to escape! The Antis were quick in rounding up these internet stars. By defeating V-Hunters and retrieving V-Cubes, players will gain access to new Vtubers!

Locate all the Guest Vtubers to unlock new abilities!When players rescue Vtubers the Guest Connect ability will be unlocked. Guest Connect borrows the powers of the Vtubers you rescued to support players in battle. Each Vtuber has their own unique skillset!

Vtuber Search Comm

Locate Vtubers in need of rescuing!Expanding the NeoTube Plaza enables the Vtuber Search Comm to locate captured Vtubers! In Vtuber Search Comm, use signals from civilians to spot the location of the V-Cubes under custody of the Antis! Can you find all the Vtubers?

Virtual Collection

Collect Vtuber Cards!Expanding the NeoTube Plaza enables “Virtual Collection” to collect Vtuber Cards! Consume a special item to pull a card! Each card contains special attributes!

Emotional Overdrive:

Sweep the enemies in a special mode! Fill up the gauge as you defeat enemies! Activate Emotional Overdrive to witness every character’s special moves. Once the Emote Gauge hits max, players can unleash a devastating combo. Attack as a group with Duet Skills to overwhelm your foes!

Defeat the enemies AND receive items! Attacking enemies during Emotional Overdrive might result in a Special Roulette! Spin the wheel to receive recovery items or accessories. Kill two birds with one song by dealing damage and gaining loot!

MV Battles:

Defeat bosses with execution BGM! MV Battles let the melody resonate through you! The MV Battle System uses special songs sung by the Virtual Idol heroines of this title. Combine the power of Goddesses and V-Idols to defeat the bosses! You’ll face bosses that are much stronger than other Antis on the field during MV Battle!

Finish Drive

Fulfilling certain conditions during MV Battles will enable Finish Drive! Link together for a massive chain attack, and give the enemy something they’ll never forget!

All of the information listed above can also be found on the official Neptunia Virtual Stars website and the game is planned for a PlayStation 4 and Steam release in March 2021.  A Limited Edition will also be made available through the Idea Factory International stores in each region.

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