AKIRA 4K Collector’s Edition and Wicked City Blu-Rays Launch This Week with Interesting Absences

This week we celebrate the release of the UK’s first anime 4K Blu-Ray release (not including Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse) and a classic OVA film remastered on Blu-Ray, both of which are released by Manga Entertainment UK, however according to a report on Anime UK News these Blu-Ray releases of AKIRA 4K Collector’s Edition and Wicked City (with Demon City Shinjuku) are affected by some interesting issues.

For AKIRA 4K Collector’s Edition the issue is the lack of HDR (High Dynamic Range) support in the product, which means the range of colours is limited compared to what you would traditional expect to receive on a 4K Blu-Ray product. The film is still presented in 4K UHD resolution, so it offers a sharper refined picture compared to the standard Blu-ray, but the lack of HDR means it looses some of that detail in the variety of colours presented on screen. Despite HDR not being included in this UK release of the film it does exist in the Japanese version released earlier this year. It’s also worth mentioning that users in North America have reported that their 4K Blu-Ray release of AKIRA does not support HDR either, so it seems FUNimation and Manga Entertainment UK are using the same disc assets – which makes complete sense considering they are now the same company.

The issue with Wicked City (with Demon City Shinjuku) meanwhile is that the original British Dub, which was produced by Manga UK of old, is not included on the UK Blu-Ray release of Wicked City and instead only uses the US English Audio tracks, both of which are provided in 2.0 and 5.1. Surprisingly the British Dub, alongside the US Dub, was included in the US release of Wicked City when it was made available earlier this year on Blu-Ray by Discotek Media.

Sadly we are not able to verify the issues ourselves and at this moment in time it’s not known whether these abnormalities were intentional, or an oversight during authoring, but it is disappointing news indeed. In similar news it was recently mentioned on Twitter that Anime Limited’s 4K Blu-Ray release of Millennium Actress will also be 4K SDR (as opposed to 4K HDR) and Anime Limited’s Weathering With You 4K Blu-Ray Release will be shipped as soon as stock has been received from both the Anime Limited Store and Zavvi (side note: this was also due to be released today).

via: Anime UK News

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