New Game Plus Expo 2020: SNK Announcement Summary

In recent years SNK have made a bit of comeback by releasing newer instalments of its popular fighting games franchises and at New Game Plus Expo 2020 the company not only announced three Neo GEO games, of which bring some of the most beloved ‘Pocket Fighter’ titles to the Nintendo Switch, but also announced an interesting collaboration with FOR HONOR for the latest DLC character in Samurai Showdown.

Details of each of the announcements made by SNK during the key showcase can be found below:

KING OF FIGHTERS R-2 [Nintendo Switch – Summer 2020]:
KING OF FIGHTERS R-2 features 23 fighters in total, including hidden characters! Of course, the game is also in color, bringing these characters into sharper, more vivid definition!
Edit a fighter in Making Mode for an extra spin on the game! and Take on a friend in either Tabletop Mode or Handheld Mode. Find out who is worthy of the KOF throne!

KING OF FIGHTERS R-2 will be available digitally this Summer via the Nintendo eShop and priced at $7.99.

Samurai Showdown! 2 [Nintendo Switch – Summer 2020]:
Originally released as a digital pre-order bonus for Samurai Showdown on the Nintendo Switch this ‘NEO GEO Pocket Colour’ game of Samurai Showdown! 2 makes its way to the Nintendo eShop this Summer. Each character has two playstyles (slash and burst) and completing certain requirements nets you special cards that can power up your characters!
You’ll be able to find out who has the true Samurai Spirit by taking on a friend in either Tabletop Mode or Handheld Mode in intense local combat.

Samurai Showdown! 2 will be available digitally this Summer via the Nintendo eShop and priced at $7.99.

Samurai Showdown NEO GEO Collection [PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch – July 2020]:
Samurai Showdown NEO GEO Collection is a collection of past NEO GEO Samurai Showdown titles in a single collection remastered for the Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4. Those looking for the ultimate ‘Samurai Showdown’ experience will also be available to purchase a Limited Edition directly from the Limited Run Games store.

Samurai Showdown – Warden DLC Character [PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, Windows PC – June 2020]:
A lone swordsman from a faraway land sworn to protect both land and people. Many of their kind set out to become the embodiment of high honor and nobility, though few have accomplished such a feat. This warrior in particular embarked on a journey to find an opponent truly worthy of their loyalty. Their sworn allegiance to the people burns like a brand as they set out onto the battlefield.

The Warden DLC character will be priced at €5.99 or is included as part of the Character Pass 2 bundle which is priced at €13.99 on PlayStation 4 platforms and €19.99 on Nintendo Switch, Xbox and Windows PC platforms.

Further information surrounding each of these titles, and the DLC for Samurai Showdown, can be found through the official SNK channels.

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