Death End Re;Quest 2 Reintroduces Familiar Characters from Enigma Games

Those who played through the original Death End Re;Quest on the PlayStation 4 and STEAM will be excited to learn that familiar characters, or staff members, of Enigma Games, the game development studio that Arata and Shina worked for, will be returning within the sequel later this year.

To remind fans, and interest potentially newcomers, publisher Idea Factory International have provided a breakdown of the company and the different characters that will be encountered within this sequel.

Enigma Games
The game developer where the first game’s protagonists, Shina Ninomiya and Arata Mizunashi, are employed. Its thin staff is comprised of the brightest minds in all fields of game development, handling all story and program creation while working in tandem with its overseas publisher. With the release of the Alice Engine, the company set out to develop the VRMMORPG “World’s Odyssey” until Shina’s disappearance halted the game’s development.

In Death end re;Quest 2, Mai meets Shina in the mysterious town of Le Choara while living in Wordsworth Dormitory. What could Shina and the Engima Games team be investigating?

Sumika Tokiwa
One of Enigma’s programmers. She’s a treasured member of their team with a slight obsession with the occult.
Natsuo Munakata
Enigma’s bright and bubbly outside sales representative. He is fast on his feet, but often the butt of jokes.
Rin Asukaze
Office manager and secretary to the CEO of Enigma. She serves as the company’s public-facing head. She is soft-spoken, but leads by example, always supporting her team members.
In addition to the three returning characters Idea Factory International have also introduced a new character into the mix, and he is known as Kajita Rosso.
Kajita Rosso
A half-Japanese, half-Italian archaeologist. He seeks great mystery and adventure, traveling around the world to satisfy his tremendous thirst for knowledge. He comes across an article on detailing an underground ruin that leads to God in a town called Le Choara, which piques his curiosity.

Death End Re;Quest 2 is currently planned for a Summer 2020 release onto the PlayStation 4 and Windows PC (STEAM) with further release date details to be announced in due time.

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