Revolutionary Girl Utena Collector’s Edition Blu-Ray Details Announced

It has been three years since Anime Limited announced that they had secured the UK home distribution rights to J.C. Staff’s anime adaptation of Revolutionary Girl Utena and today the UK distributor have officially announced their release plans for the series.

Beginning on the 13th July 2020 Anime Limited will release Revolutionary Girl Utena on Blu-Ray in three Collector’s Edition instalments, with each instalment (or ‘Part’ if you prefer) being packaged in a similar design to their Gundam releases. Each part will feature Blu-Ray Discs that come packaged inside a standard amary case that slides into a chipboard box alongside some art cards and a poster. Those who opt to purchase the first part of the series from the Anime Limited (All The Anime) website will also receive a Collector’s Box that will hold all three parts.

Revolutionary Girl Utena – Part 1:
Episodes 1 – 12 [The Student Council Arc]
English & Japanese Audio (with English subtitles)
SRP: £59.99



Revolutionary Girl Utena – Part 2:
Episodes 13 – 24 [The Black Rose Saga]
English & Japanese Audio (with English subtitles)
SRP: £59.99

Revolutionary Girl Utena – Part 3:
Episodes 25 – 39 [The Apocalypse Saga] & The Movie
English & Japanese Audio (with English subtitles)
SRP: £59.99

Revolutionary Girl Utena consists of 39 episodes, with these spread evenly per Story Arc across each part, and the third part will also contain the feature length film. The entire series, and movie, will be presented in English and Japanese (with English Subtitles) and selection of supplementary content will also be included across the various discs.

In addition to the announcement of these editions Anime Limited will also be offering bundles on their store with two bundles being available. The first bundle will see all three sets combined together along with a set of rings and an art book; all for the discounted price of £114.99. The second bundle will all three parts offered at £99.99 which is a decent saving compared to their original retail prices. you can find further information relating to these products, and the bundles, in the official announcement. Regardless of the promotions available these products are planned for release from the 13th July 2020 within the UK and pre-order listings at retailers will begin shortly.

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