KonoSuba: Legend of Crimson Movie To Screen in Selective Cinemas in the UK

In a rather surprising discovery (and then later announced by Anime Limited) it seems the feature-length KonoSuba movie, known as KonoSuba: God’s Blessing on this Wonderful World! Legend of Crimson, will receive a limited cinematic release at selected cinemas within the UK this month.

As originally reported on Anime UK News – and then later announced on Anime Limited’s blog – the KonSuba movie is currently listed on Vue, Showcase and Odeon cinema websites with screening dates and locations available from Friday 6th December 2019 with most cinemas showing the film on 12th December 2019. Odeon and Vue have yet to update the websites with specific details, such as a poster or synopsis, but Showcase Cinemas list a BBFC rating of 15 as well as a synopsis for the film – all screenings however will be shown in Japanese with English Subtitles.

Synopsis: A video game-loving shut-in, Satou Kazuma’s life should’ve ended when he was hit by a truck, but through a twist in fate, he ends up reincarnating in another world – and dragging the goddess, Aqua, along with him.

“I’m going to enjoy the life of an adventurer that I’ve always fantasized about from RPGs! Time to be the hero!” But in spite of his enthusiasm, only trouble was waiting for Kazuma.

Namely, the troublemaking goddess, Aqua; The wildly dorky mage, Megumin; And the unrelentingly delusional lady knight, Darkness; He ends up forming a party with these potentially powerful, but incredibly unfortunate individuals, which leads to deep debt, being tried for treason, slaying the Demon King’s generals, and occasionally dying (again).

Then, one day, the Crimson Demon girl Yun Yun says something that makes the entire group freeze up: “I want to have your babies, Kazuma!”

Upon hearing the details, it turns out that the Crimson Demon village that Megumin and Yun Yun are from is facing a threat that could mean its ending. Kazuma and his gang follow Yun Yun, who returns to the Crimson Demon village intent on saving it… when they are faced with their greatest threat yet! What will become of the unremarkable adventurer Kazuma’s life in another world?!

What was surprising about this discovery is that a UK distributor – or even a North American affiliate – had yet to officially announce the existence of these cinematic screenings; that was until Anime limited confirmed the screenings in partnership with Crunchyroll today via the website. As far as ‘Anime Screenings on the Big Screen’ go it is very short notice.

A list of confirmed cinemas can be found below:

Time Circuit City/Town
TBC Vue Basingstoke Festival Place
7PM Odeon Bath
7PM Odeon Belfast
7PM Odeon Birmingham Broadway Plaza
8PM Vue Birmingham Star City
7PM Odeon Bournemouth
7PM Odeon Brighton
6:15PM Showcase Bristol CDL
TBC Vue Cambridge
6:15PM Showcase Cardiff
7:20PM Vue Cheshire Oaks
6:15PM Showcase Coventry
6:15PM Showcase Dartford Bluewater
6:15PM Showcase Derby CDL
6:45PM Vue Dublin, Liffey Valley
6:15PM Showcase Dudley
TBC Vue Edinburgh Omni
7PM Odeon Metrocentre
7PM Odeon Glasgow Quay
7PM Odeon Guildford Way
7PM Odeon Kingston
6:15PM Showcase Leeds
6:15PM Showcase Leicester
7PM Odeon Lincoln
7PM Odeon Liverpool One
7PM Odeon Liverpool Switch
7PM Odeon London Haymarket
TBC Vue Islington
7PM Odeon Lee Valley
TBC Vue Finchley Road
TBC Vue Harrow
7PM Odeon Greenwich
7PM Odeon Streatham
7PM Odeon Surrey Quays
7PM Odeon Wimbledon
TBC Vue Croydon Purley Way
7PM Odeon Uxbridge
TBC Vue Westfield (Shepherd’s Bush)
TBC Vue Westfield Stratford
7PM Odeon Manchester Great Northern
7PM Odeon Manchester Trafford
TBC Vue Manchester Printworks
7PM Odeon Milton Keynes
TBC Vue Gateshead
TBC Vue Northampton
TBC Vue Norwich
6:15PM Showcase Nottingham
7PM Odeon Oxford (Mag St)
7:15PM Vue Plymouth
TBC Vue Portsmouth
6:15PM Showcase Reading
7PM Vue Romford
7:45PM Vue Sheffield
6:15PM Showcase Southampton
7PM Odeon Southend
TBC Vue Swansea
6:15PM Showcase Teeside

In North American the movie was distributed into cinemas by Crunchyroll via Fathom Events, who have previously put anime films into UK cinemas, and the anime series are available to Stream in the UK via Crunchyroll. A home video release of the series is not available but the manga and light novels, which inspired the anime adaptation, are available in the UK via YenPress.

via: AnimeUKNews

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