Numskull Games Clarifies 2019 Release Schedule for Spike Chunsoft Titles; including YU-NO and Conception Plus

Publisher and distributor Numskull Games have recently taken to social media to clarify the 2019 release schedule for Spike Chunsoft related titles within Europe and North America; including YU-NO, Conception Plus and AI: THE SOMNIUM FILES.

AI: THE SOMNIUM FILES [Nintendo Switch | PlayStation 4 – 20th September 2019]:

is a detective adventure game set in a near-future Tokyo where you play as Special Agent Kaname Date on the case of a mysterious serial killer. Date must investigate crime scenes as well as dreams on the hunt for clues. From the mind of Kotaro Uchikoshi (Zero Escape series director), with character design by Yusuke Kozaki (NO MORE HEROESFire Emblem series), a thrilling neo-noir adventure is about to unfold. Visit the official website for more information.

A limited edition version of AI: THE SOMNIUM FILES will also be available exclusively from the Geek Store within Europe and Australia.

Conception PLUS: Maidens of the Twelve Stars: [PlayStation 4 – 8th November 2019]:
The baby boom is back as this star-filled RPG is reborn on PlayStation®4! The main protagonist, Itsuki Yuge, is summoned to the magical world of Granvania to save it from evil Impurities. As the saviour from another world known as “God’s Gift,”Itsuki and his Star Children, born between him and the 12 Star Maidens, are the only ones capable of banishing these Impurities. To return home, he must save Granvania with his Star Children!

CRYSTAR [PlayStation 4 – OUT NOW]:
is an ARPG developed by FURYU Corporation. Rei fights her way through the afterworld of Purgatory to rescue Mirai, the little sister that she killed. To resurrect her, Rei makes a deal with Demons to combat Revenants and Specters—the tormented Souls of the dead. CRYSTAR’s unique game mechanics allow the player to harness the power of grief. Use Rei’s tears to craft weapons and armor as well as summon a Guardian to protect her in battle. Rei’s weeping gives her the strength to fight as she searches for her sister’s lost Soul. Visit the official website for more information.

YU-NO: A girl who chants love at the bound of this world: [Nintendo Switch | PlayStation 4 – 4th October 2019]:
During his vacation from Sakaimachi Academy, Takuya Arima receives a package from his supposedly deceased father. It contains the mysterious Reflector Device, which allows the user to travel between parallel worlds. With help from his friends, teachers, and lovers, Takuya must unearth the mystery of his father’s legacy to prevent a calamity threatening to envelop reality itself.

Numskull Games also revealed that physical PlayStation 4 versions of the game will include a cloth poster featuring artwork from the game while the physical Nintendo Switch version will include a download code 8-Bit YU-NO’s Great Adventure.

All of these games will be released digitally and physically via Numskull Games within Europe while Spike Chunsoft will handle publishing duties in North America.

About Scott Emsen
Scott is the Founder and Executive Editor of AnimeBlurayUK but in the past he has produced content for ZOMGPlay, Rice Digital and Funstock and was once a Community Moderator for the Nokia N-Gage forums. Based in the UK, he loves anything related to Games & Anime and in In his spare time you'll mostly find him playing on one of his many gaming consoles; namely the Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4.

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