Blu-Ray Review: My Hero Academia – Season 3 Part 2

My Hero Academia – Season 3 Part 2 continues the shonen styled action of Deku but what can one expect to receive from the contents of this Blu-Ray release? Let’s find out and take a look.


Class 1 A is fired up to earn hero licenses after All Might’s epic battle with All For One. Once they’re official, Deku and his friends can finally join the pros in the field. But first, they must pass a brutal exam that’s brimming with school rivalry!

Our View:

My Hero Academia continues to build upon its foundations to deliver an exceptional story filled with intensive action mixed with drama and comedy, and for Season 3 Part 2 this trend continues in the form of a test which sees Class 1-A of UA Academy strive to achieve their provisional hero passes. By now we should all know what to accept, which is colourful animation by STUDIO BONES mixed with great storytelling and character building in a world filled with heroes, villains and superpowers.

Taking place shortly after the events of Season 3 Part 1, of which saw All Might defeat All for One at the cost of his own quirk and UA Academy put in the spotlight for endangering students, sees Class 1-A return to the academy in an unsual manner. By living within the dorms close to the proximity of the academy itself. The opening episodes of this set act as a ‘stop gap’ and build up to the challenges that await with Students getting used to their life within the dorms while also finding ways to improve their own skills and costumes.

After these episodes we then move swiftly into the next story arc of My Hero Academia, of which sees Class 1-A tasked with improving their skills and learning an ultimate move. Each member of Class 1-A receives some form of the spotlight, with each developing their own skills in preparation for the Test that will see them attempt to obtain their Provisional Hero License. This test, of which sees over 1000 students take part, will see them compete against each other in a two-stage-test with only a small handful being accepted as part of the Provisional Hero License programme.

In this situation the first portion of the test sees all students compete in battle royale with only 100 students moving on to the second stage of the test. In order to move forward students need to use special balls and hit all three targets on their opponent, with two opponents being knocked out classed as a pass. This seems straight forward but when key members of Class 1-A are reluctant to work together, and with all other students attacking UA High at once it proves to be a difficult challenge.

The beauty of this test is no illustrating the new skills and move set of the characters we do know, as everyone has had an upgrade on their costumes as well as learned new ways to fight, but it is the introduction of new characters and their quirks. For instance the introduction of Shiketsu and their unusual approach to fighting offers a refreshing challenge for UA High and the characters we’ve come to know. Whether or not these new characters will begin recourring characters is not something we know at the moment, but that definitely bring something new to the series.

Upon completion of this first act of the test the second challenge sees the area become a disaster zone and all surviving members of the first challenge are expect to rescure the ‘pretend’ survivors from danager; with everyone being graded depending on their level of service and thought process. To make this second test even harder the students have to battle against a ‘pretend’ group of villains with communication and team work proving the key to successfully beating the test. The perspective of this second half of Season 3 is vastly different to anything we have seen before, but just like the school elements it provides further character development on the entire cast rather than just one single person.

Surprisingly that’s not all this instalment has to offer as firstly we have an ‘anime exclusive’ episode which takes place before the events of the Summer Camp and sees All Might play a villain with the students of class 1-A tasked with defeating him and securing the hostages. This episode is bizarrely placed, as invades the progression of the Hero Exam, but it act as a way to seed in the My Hero Academia Movie and the characters within it – such as David Shield and Melissa. After the events of this stand-a-lone episode, and more importantly the Test, we see Bakugo and Deku once again do battle to see who is the strongest between them – as Bakugo believes he has learned to secret to Deku’s quirk.

My Hero Academia – Season 3 Part 2 provides another adrenaline fueled ride of shonen action but while previous parts have focused on a specific character, or set of enemies, this instalment focuses on the entire group and the team-work that they may bring with them.


This second half of season three not only provides an action-focused second half of the series but also an exceptional amount of supplementary content that further explores the world of My Hero Academia through the eyes of the English voice cast.In this instance viewers will find a selection of English focused content, such as Cast and Booth Interviews, alongside the usual selection of promotional materials and textless songs.

Those who enjoy the English Dub of My Hero Academia will find “Create Those Ultimate Moves”, “A Talk about Your Quirk” and “Conversation with the Cast” an insightful experience. The former provides an inside look at the recording booth and what it is like to record English lines for the show, while the latter focuses on Interviews with the cast as they explore their experiences with working on the series and their favourite moments of this season.

In addition to interview styled content we also have a “Gag Reel” which brings outtakes to home video, something which we rarely get to see. Sadly these outtakes are not as expansive as those found within Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood but they do provide a few laughs for the English dub.

Rounding out this selection of supplementary content is Promotional Materials, such as Commercials and Promos, for the third season of My Hero Academia just before it began its Japanese broadcast, as well as textless variations of the opening and ending songs. Naturally these are nothing overly special but it is great to see them included again on this Second half of the third season and further makes this Blu-Ray release a solid, and well presented, set that caters to the English dubbed fan of the show.


Media:  BD 50, BD 25
Region: B
Running Time: 2:47:05 (Disc 1),  2:22:42 (Disc 2)
Video: MPEG-4 AVC
Audio: DTS-HD 2.0 (English & Japanese)
Subtitles: English (Yellow)
Resolution: 1920×1080 (1080p)
Aspect Ratio: 16:9
Frame Rate: 23.976 fps


My Hero Academia – Season 3 Part 2 continues the journey of Izuku Midoria aiming to be a professional hero by attending UA High and completing the courses that take place, and within this second half of season three we see that experience put to the test through a range of Tests. In this case Class 1-A are tasked with taking the Test which allows them to obtain a Provisional Hero License in order to become heroes and assist with pro heroes. This test sees Class 1-A of UA High survive from an onslaught of attacks from other schools while attempting to win a spot in the next phase of the test.

The second portion of this test meanwhile focuses on them having to rescue survivors as demonstration that they are able to multi-task while rescuing those in need. Generally it is an extravagant selection of episodes, but more importantly it further refines the characters, their skills and the desires that further delivers the exhilarating shonen action one would expect from My Hero Academia.

As with previous Blu-Ray releases this is the best way to watch My Hero Academia and Manga Entertainment UK have managed to remain faithful to the original master of this release; by using discs mastered by FUNimation via Madman Entertainment. The result of this is a wide-selection of bonus content, including cast interviews and promotional materials, alongside the usual 5.1 English Dub surround sound track (which yet again sounds absolutely amazing during those intense fights) and the original Japanese audio presented in its 2.0 format. It is consistent with other My Hero Academia releases and brings the best to your screen.

Once again My Hero Academia delivers a progressive narrative, and in the case of this Season 3 Part 2 it further that further expands the world by introducing new challenges, characters and inabilities that further reinforce how small the world has been until now. My Hero Academia continues to be fun, action packed and entertaining and this Blu-Ray release delivers that PLUS ULTRA! Enjoyment you would expect from the franchise. Simply a must have for any My Hero Academia fan; especially those who enjoy the English Dub.

Score: review-stars-5

My Hero Academia – Season 3 Part 2 will be available from the 9th September 2019 on DVD, Blu-Ray and Blu-ray / DVD Combo Pack via Manga Entertainment UK.

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