World End Syndrome Characters Introduced and Trailer Released

Arc System Works developed visual novel World End Syndrome, which is being published onto the Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4 on the 14th June 2019 within Europe, will soon be upon us and to get fans excited for this latest visual novel treatment the publisher have provided a breakdown of the main characters players will encounter as part of the games story.

Character List:

Maimi Kusunose:
– cheerful and lively
– ill-mannered
– ends up living with the protagonist
– member of the Tennis club

Miu Amana:
– mysterious and quiet
– socially distant
– director of the Mystery Research Club
– works part-time at a maid café

Saya Kamishiro:
– dignified and classy
– not afraid to speak her mind
– skillful and smart
– father supports the town financially

Rei Nikaido:
– front girl of an idol group
– recently picked up acting
– got the lead role in a movie
– came to Mihate to film

Yukino Otonashi:
– optimistic
– bright and friendly
– works as a journalist
– came to Mihate for an interview

Key Features:

  • Mystery! After a high school girl goes missing, her body is found in the river. Resolve inexplicable incidents around town and collect clues to find out what happened!
  • Exploration! Freely explore the picturesque seaside town during morning, afternoon or evening to meet different characters and enjoy diverging moods.
  • Romance! A gorgeous cast of girls are with you on this mysterious adventure. Carefully pick your favourite but be aware: every girl has their own romantic ending!
  • Aesthetic! Beautiful characters, pretty outfits and highly detailed sceneries make Worldend Syndrome a treat for the eyes.

World End Syndrome is due for release for the Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4 on the Nintendo Switch within Europe on the 14th June 2019. In the meantime a newly released gameplay trailer can be watched below.

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