Dragon Star Varnir Receives New Gameplay Details & Character Biographies

Idea Factory International’s latest JPRG, Dragon Star Varnir, comes to the PlayStation 4 earlier next month and to help potential players become informed of the games functionality and characters the publisher have revealed additional information; all of which has been published onto the newly updated website.

In this case three additional character information have been added to the website as well as new gameplay details that highlight Elixir creation, Gift giving and Insanity levels for playable characters. All of the newly added details can be found listed below.

Character Bio’s:

The ace of the Ravens. He is said to have killed over ten thousand dragons and is considered to be a heroic dragon warrior. He has no interests in witches and just finds it fun to kill dragons. He loves to fight and will freely take on even his own subordinates if he pleases.
A dragon warrior that kisses up to Durandol and Ruby Eye. He isn’t to be trusted and would sell out his comrades the moment it would benefit him.

A traveling merchant and informant. He will trade you things like dragon claws or fangs for information or goods. He also sells ingredients at high prices on the black market. Since he doesn’t want to lose his valued witch clients, he keeps information about their den a secret.

Gameplay Details:

At the Witches’ Workshop, you can throw dragon parts, such as claws, skin, bone, eyes, and livers, you’ve obtained through battle in a big pot and stew it to make an elixir that will summon a special dragon! When you defeat the dragon, you will obtain rare equipment unattainable anywhere else!

Charm your favorite witch with a gift from the heart! In the Witch’s Room, you can gift items to the witches that you’ve obtained from dungeons and shops. Each witch has their own personal preference, so if you give the right witch the right present, their affinity level will go up. If their affinity gets to a certain level, a special event will occur!

Insanity Level:
The moment that madness takes over a witch, a cruel fate of despair awaits them! Throughout the game, players will be able to make decisions that impact the insanity levels of the witches. The decisions made can impact what ending you receive, so choose wisely!

Dragon Star Varnir, which is the latest upcoming JRPG from Idea Factory International, will be released on the 14th June 2019 (within Europe) and 11th June 2019 (within North America) for the PlayStation 4 in both physical and digital forms.

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