Dragon Star Varnir Details Introduce New Gameplay Features

Publisher Idea Factory International have recently updated the official Dragon Star Varnir micro-site and along with it revealed some new interesting details about this upcoming JPRG; in this case Huntery, Field Exploration and Mixing Elixir functionalities have been revealed.

Details of these new gameplay mechanics can be found below:

  • Huntery – Here, players can find multiple quests to choose from. Fulfill the conditions for each quest to receive a reward. The Huntery allows players to access items, such as the Books of Formation. These special items allow players to put their characters into different battle formations to receive additional stat boosts during battles. But read the descriptions carefully! Some stat boosts come at the cost of decreasing others.
  • Field Exploration – As you explore the dungeons of Varneria, you will encounter various gimmicks including, treasure chests, blocked paths, and enemies. Use character-specific Special Magic to break through obstacles and ignite special effects! During field exploration, players will also be able to fly on their brooms for faster travel!
  • Mixing Elixirs: An Elixir a valuable tool for players to access rare items unobtainable in dungeons! To create an elixir, head to the Witches’ Workshop and mix various dungeon-found items such as claws, skin, and bones, as well as a catalyst. The catalyst you choose can change the equipment type and rarity of the drop! Once the elixir is made, choose a character to drink the elixir that will summon a special dragon. Defeat it to gain rare items! If you fail to defeat the dragon, your elixir will not disappear, so you are free to challenge the special dragon as many times as needed.

Dragon Star Varnir, which is the latest upcoming JRPG from Idea Factory International, will be released on the 14th June 2019 (within Europe) and 11th June 2019 (within North America) for the PlayStation 4 in both physical and digital forms.

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