Blu-Ray Review: Mob Psycho 100 – The Complete Series

Originally announced for the UK as an Anime Limited license, but then quietly cancelled a few years later, the first season of Mob Psycho 100 arrives on Blu-Ray and DVD as a Combo Pack release via Manga Entertainment UK. It’s a surprise FUNimation related release indeed; but is the series any good? Well let’s find out what you can expect from this series and in turn its Blu-Ray release with our review.


Mob is an 8th grader with powerful psychic abilities who wants to be normal. When not exorcising evil spirits he attempts to suppress his powers, causing stunted emotions. But when he hits 100 percent, his pent-up feelings unleash a dark power.

Our View:

Much like Kill La Kill, Gurren Lagann and One Punch Man, Mob Psycho 100 is one of those shows that throws logic completely out of the window in order to deliver a crazy experience. As fun as this sounds I quickly became bored by what Mob Psycho 100 had to offer and it’s all down to how the story is paced and presented. Is it a poor adaptation of the source material? Or does the source material go this fast through its story as well? Honestly I have no idea; but what started off interesting soon spiraled into dreary craziness that left me wanting something different.

Featuring twelve episodes across two Blu-Ray discs Mob Psycho 100 follows the story of Shigeo Kageyama, a seemingly average grade middle school student with an emotionless face, as he works alongside the self-proclaimed psychist Arataka Reigen at his Spirits Agency. Unlike typical middle school students Shigeo Kageyama (nicknamed Mob by Reigen) is able to see spirits as well as wield destructive psychic powers; additionally when his emotional state reaches 100% hi body explodes with raw destructive power. Destructive powers aside Reigen uses mobs abilities to help him earn money through his relatively shady business of helping those with spirit related issues.

It’s safe to say that Mob Psycho 100 is separated into four different story arcs; the first of which introduces Mob and Reigen as well as the daily lifestyle they have of exorcising spirits. This unlikely partnership, of which is explained later in the shows, began when Mob’s psychic powers first begin to develop and he sought advice from Reigen. This led Reigen to hire Mob s a part-timer and Mob call Reigen master. Regardless; these episodes highlight that Reigen has no psychic abilities and that Mob does all of the work; and that Mob is completely oblivious to the fact.

The second arc of this series meanwhile deviates to focus on Mob’s school-life of trying to become a better person so that he can confess his feelings to the girl he likes. This particular arc also introduces new characters, such as members of the Telekinesis Club and The Body Improvement Club, as well as the low level spirit Dimpel. Yet again it’s a modest set of episodes filled with comedy and action that helps develop Mob further as a character; but more importantly highlight that he is actually human… although you could argue that point when Mob encounters another psychic wielding student who uses his ability for nothing but power and they end up in a fight that could rival those found within Dragon Ball Super.

It’s at this point where the lackadaisical approach to story-telling changes to focus on Mob’s younger brother, known as Ritsu Kageyama, and his desire to have psychic abilities like his older brother. During this selection of episodes we see Ritsu embark on his own journey of obtaining Psychic powers and in doing so becomes a target of the organisation known as Claw who mistake him for Mob – which neatly go into the fourth arc of this series. Although not entirely made clear Claw are an organisation that are kidnapping potential psychic wielders in order use there abilities for an alternate purpose; and when Ritsu is kidnapped Mob ventures into the facility in order to rescue his brother.

To some this rescue mission storyline is full of memorable fights and encounter between psychic wielders; but in reality it’s nothing more than a glazed over approach to the final fight which ends before it ever gets good. In this case Mob, along with Teruki Hanazawa – who was the psychic wielder that Mob defeated in an earlier episode, venture to Claw’s organisation to retrieve Ritsu and those kidnapped.

At the same time Ritsu, and his new found friends, attempt there own escape from the facility and in doing so battle wages out across the facility. The problem with this is that everything is over too quickly; whether it be with Ritsu’s unlocked potential or Mob’s destructive emotional state – enemies are quickly defeated and the animation style offers a similar vibe to that of One Punch Man.

Excessive build-up with an emotionless character that ends quickly; sound familiar? That’s exactly how I felt – but it gets worse. The series ends on a cliff-hanger that only finds its conclusion in the manga. Fortunately a second season will exist and begin broadcasting in 2019; but at the moment this series lacks any real personality or progressive storytelling and it seems that this is just a mere introduction to the world of Mob Psycho.


It’s not just the episodic content of Mob Psycho 100 that is filled with variety and comedy as even the supplementary features included on these Blu-Ray discs offer something you don’t usually see. For this release all of the bonus features are included on the second disc with mini-episodes, Flip Book and Promotional Videos being included alongside textless closing song.

The Mini Episodes, known as Mob Psycho Mini, are additional side-stories taking place during events of the main series but have been animated in a ‘8-Bit’ style. It’s a rather unusual style to use but it definitely adds a bit of charm to this release. Unfortunately despite an English Dub being available for the main-series these Mob Psycho Mini Episodes are only presented in Japanese with English subtitles.

In addition this release also features original Japanese promotional videos, these highlighting its original broadcast and promotion in Japan, and a real-life flip-book animation of Mob.

Surprisingly despite having a FUNimation produced English Dub this release does not feature English Cast Commentary; which seems to be the norm for releases featuring FUNimation produced English Dub tracks. Regardless the extras included


Media:  BD 50, BD 25
Region: B
Running Time: 3:38:03 (Disc 1), 1:12:51 (Disc 2)
Video: MPEG-4 AVC
Audio: Dolby TrueHD 5.1 (English), Dolby TrueHD 2.0 (Japanese)
Subtitles: English (White)
Resolution: 1920×1080 (1080p)
Aspect Ratio: 16:9
Frame Rate: 23.976 fps


In short Mob Psycho 100 follows the journey of Shigeo Kageyama as he does his best to overcome the difficulties that life throws at him; be it school life, spirits, other psychic wielders (i.e. espers) or evil organisations – all the while trying to remain calm and not let his emotions control him. Why is this an important fact? Well once Mob’s emotions hit 100% his true powers surface – powers that could destroy the entire world.

Initially Mob Psycho 100 began as a refreshing fun spirit chaser themed series, with Reigen acting as the master,  but as the episode count grew higher it soon spiralled into a series that focused more on destructible battles with other espers rather than the spirits that reside within the city. While this can be fun to watch the fight themselves are rather boring and unimaginative; but more importantly these fights are over relatively quickly due to Mob’s power. Its basically One Punch Man but Mob has no real agendas of his own – and doesn’t seem to care about anything. Even the potential love interest is forgotten about until the later stages of the series; but yet again nothing happens.

Regardless Mob Psycho 100 isn’t your typical anime series and does offer something different to the norm; but sadly for me I quickly grew bored of the story that it wasn’t trying to tell. Regardless this Blu-Ray release, of which is using disc assets mastered by FUNimation, is everything one could hope to receive. A well presented visual experience in both English & Japanese audio – with both audio tracks offering a good viewing experience while the inclusion of notable bonus features round out that wholesome ‘Season 1’ experience of Mob Psycho 100.

As a Blu-Ray release then Mob Psycho 100 gets everything correct; but as a series it leaves much to be desired. Quirky characters, distinctive animation and over-the-top performance is what Mob Psycho 100 offers so if you enjoyed shows such as Kill La Kill, One Punch Man and Gurran Lagan you’ll like what Mob Psycho 100 has to offer.

Score: review-stars-3

Mob Psycho 100 will be available on the 17th December 2018 within the UK as a Blu-ray and DVD Combo Pack.

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