GOD EATER 3 Opening Cinematic and New Gameplay Details Revealed

Publisher Bandai Namco Entertainment continues to drip-feed us information about the latest installment into the GOD EATER franchise as during this past week the publisher have released the opening cinematic for GOD EATER 3 as well as released some additional new gameplay details.

Opening Cinematic:

The opening cinematic to GOD EATER 3 features the song “stereo future”, which is a a song composed specifically for GOD EATER 3, by Kenta Matsukuma and performed by BiSH, the ‘punk rock band without musical instruments’.

Story Details:

Following the destruction of their home, GOD EATER 3 will see the game’s protagonists rescued by the crew of an Ash Crawler called Chrysanthemum. Ash Crawlers serve as the hub ships of the GOD EATER heroes and the sole lifeline for humans in this post-apocalyptic world. They’re covered with Anti-Aragami walls that protects the last remnants of humanity from the effects of the outside world, as well as housing Resonance Radars systems to seek out and destroy dangerous Aragami.

Following a devastating Ash Storm, The Chrysanthemum crew have lost their members that were capable of operating the Resonance Radar. To survive, they enlist the help of players to defeat the Aragami and restore the routes through the Ashlands. From their moving base, players will have to scout ahead into new and uncharted areas of the Ashlands, to safely guide the Caravan deeper into the world.

Gameplay Details:

New Character: Phym, a mysterious girl sporting a horn on her forehead. Met by the protagonists during a scouting mission, Phym is a vital part of the GOD EATER 3 story and their encounter with her will change both their lives forever.

Burst Arts: Burst Arts are a special that players can use only during Burst Mode. The Burst Arts special attacks takes a different form depending on what the players are doing; running, jumping, be on the ground, or in the air. Players will be able to forge their own unique playstyle by choosing the perfect attack.

Players will also be able to customise their characters and what Burst Arts Effects they apply for each move, providing a vast number of different combinations.

GOD EATER 3 will be released onto the PlayStation 4 and Windows PC on the 8th February 2018 within Europe.

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One Response to GOD EATER 3 Opening Cinematic and New Gameplay Details Revealed

  1. Justin says:

    About Players is it create your own player character or do we paly as one of the game’s male character on the cover?

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