Infinite Adventures Released Today on Xbox One and Windows PC

Those looking for a different type of dungeon-crawler experience will be interested to learn that Indie development studio Stormseeker Games have today released Infinite Adventures as a digital download onto the Xbox One and Windows PC (via Steam) within Europe as well as Xbox One, Windows PC and PlayStation 4 in North America.

Synopsis: You are the Traveler, a hero with a forgotten memory. Explore the Infinite Labyrinth to discover the truths of your past.

In the years before the Awakening, A great discovery was made.
On the solemn outskirts of town, The Traveler emerged from the Infinite Labyrinth.

Many from around the world of Trinity came, Nobles and commoners, high born and low.

Some sought glory for their house, Others sought riches and fame.

If only they knew evil would awaken, What Infinite Adventures lie in the depths.

Infinite Adventures is a dungeon-crawler RPG inspired by traditional dungeon-crawlers and will see players able to select from 5 races and 10 character glasses as you explore a world filled with labyrinths and adventure. As part of this adventure players will be able to explore 24 levels of monster filled dungeons as well as use over 240 skills in addition to being able to summon up to 24 different monsters. The game will also be fully voiced in addition to text-based dialogue to offer that narrative driven experience.

Key Features:

  • EXPLORE 24 dungeon levels within the Infinite Labyrinth
  • ENDLESS DUNGEON CRAWLING through procedurally generated dungeon levels
  • HUNDREDS of BEAUTIFUL anime styled characters and enemies
  • STRATEGIC Turn Based combat against hundreds of enemies
  • CREATE your own party of characters from one of 5 Races and 10 Classes while choosing from 190+ Full body Character Art Pieces
  • CUSTOMIZE SKILLS as each character levels up with over 260 skills and 24 summons to master
  • ENGAGE with over 40 NPCs, all fully voice acted
  • COMPLETE more than 50 optional side quests, all fully voice acted
  • EMBARK on an epic adventure to unravel the mysteries within the Infinite Labyrinth

Infinite Adventures is now available for the Xbox One and Windows PC in Europe as well as PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Windows PC in North America. Gameplay trailers illustrating the game can also be seen below. The Steam page can also be found here.


Story Trailer:

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