Blu-Ray Review: Battle Girls High School – The Complete Collection

The ‘magical-girl-theme’ gets taken to the next level with MVM Entertainment’s Blu-Ray release of Battle Girls High School; but what did we have to think of this series? Well lets take a look.


Mysterious invaders have attacked the Earth! As the Irousu roam the conquered lands, mankind has been driven back, but there’s one last weapon that may still turn the tide: super-powered schoolgirls!

At schools like the Shinjugamine Girls Academy, elite classes of Star Guardians alternate between regular schoolwork and learning to kick Irousu behind. It’s a duty that the members of the Shinjugamine Hoshimori force, like freshman Miki Hoshitsuki, take seriously, but as they’re basically normal girls who just happen to get their powers from a magic tree, there are normal life issues they have to contend with as well.

With the arrival of their latest mysterious recruit, however, things are about to get deadly serious. Their final exam is about to begin and if they fail, the whole world is doomed!

Our View:

Based on the social mobile game of the same name comes the animated series Battle Girls High School which is a convoluted series created for the sole purpose of celebrating the games first anniversary. Regardless of its credentials Battle Girls High School does nothing to subdue that need for magical girl themed action, a progressive storyline or reasonable moe series. Harsh words indeed but it does nothing but cater towards those who have an interested in the Battle Girls High School franchise and the multiple characters that inhabit its world.

The bizarre thing about Battle Girls High School is that it could have been a good series with its magical girl theme and threat of world destruction; but it ultimately fails, and this failure begins at the first episode. Most stories begin at the beginning or worst case at the end before taking us back to how the story began, but with Battle Girls High School the story is in full swing with girls in power suits defending the world from various creatures while at the same time seemingly living a normal high-school life. It’s not until the second episode that we find out exactly what is happening and why.

In this case the world has been invaded by creatures known as Irousu and those who survived the attack escaped in a spaceship powered and managed by the holy tree. This holy tree also lends power to girls capable of becoming Hoshimori (Star Guardians) and by working with the holy tree the Hoshimori’s were able to defeat the Irousu and reclaim earth. Now, several decades on, the current Hoshimori protect the safe zone from the ever growing attacks of the Irousu while at the same time attend school and go about their daily live in a special Hoshimori class.

This (rather interesting) storyline is summed up within the first five minutes of the second episode and as such the remaining episodes provide nothing but slice-of-life moe fan-service, which saw the all-female-cast go about their delivery activites at school, mixed with magical girl battles against the Irousu. That is until the final four episodes which introduce a mysterious person that controls the Irousu from the background, as well as her own form of Hoshimori warriors. Spoilers aside these last few episodes are the highlight of the series and sees parallel universes collide with people once thought as friends now enemies. Interesting, but not very entertaining unless you like mindless storylines.


Once again MVM Entertainment have opted to use disc masters produced by Sentai Filmworks and as such we only receive a small selection of supplementary content on the second Blu-Ray disc.

In this case we receive textless opening and closing animations for the series as well as trailers, which are simply the opening song on top of clips from the show, for other Sentai Filmwork licensed series. Nothing exciting; but it is as expected.


Media:  BD 50, BD 25
Region: B
Running Time: 3:53:53 (Disc 1), 1:17:42 (Disc 2)
Video: MPEG-4 AVC
Audio: DTS-HD 2.0 (Japanese)
Subtitles: English (White)
Resolution: 1920×1080 (1080p)
Aspect Ratio: 16:9
Frame Rate: 23.976 fps


Battle Girls High School portrays the story of the Hoshimori girls fighting to reclaim planet earth from the mysterious creatures known as Irousu but while doing so lead normal everyday lives as students within Shinjugamine Girl’s School. These everday life stories change when a new character, introduced as Misaki, arrives at the school and from then on we have a selection of episodes we see us get familiar with notable characters in the Hoshimori as well as Misaki’s own personal reservations of making friends breakdown.

This ‘becoming friendly and staying independently strong’ storyline continues until the final four episodes of which a mysterious figurehead is discovered to be controlling the Irousu creatures as well as her own selection of Irousu warriors. Spoilers aside it sees two parallel worlds fight one another; with one world requesting destruction and the other searching for salvation; but when all is said and done we return back to where it all started. With the Hoshimori girls still fighting the Irousu and the world still in threat of being overthrown once more.

Regardless of the disappointing, and rather pointless, storyline Battle Girls High School is animated pretty well and has a unique selection of characters; each with their own colourful personality. The figurehead of this of course is Miki Hoshitsuki and Misaki; but every character (all 19 of them) manages to secure some of the spotlight; albeit briefly. In some instances the characters are the only positive aspect of this series as even the combat against the Irousu isn’t that exciting.

In terms of this Blu-Ray release by MVM Entertainment then everything is as expected with the series presented soley in Japanese with English subtitles while English subs are presented in a yellow text with white text reserved for translations and dual-conversations. It’s the standard format used by Sentai Filmworks authoring and once again it works exceptionally well. Quality wise Battle Girls High School is consistent with every other Sentai Filmworks mastered Blu-Ray release via MVM Entertainment; but the contents of these discs (in terms of episodic form) leaves more than be desired. Naturally if you like magical girl (so-to-speak) with moe then this series be tailored to your needs.

Score: review-stars-2

Battle Girls High School will be available on Blu-ray from MVM Entertainment on the 1st October 2018.

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