Blu-Ray Review: My Hero Academia – Season 2 Part 2

The adventures of Izuku Midoriya and his friends at UA Academy continue within My Hero Academia – Season 2 Part 2 but what can one expect to receive from this Blu-Ray release? Well let’s find out what Sony Pictures Home Entertainment’s latest anime offering has to give in our latest review!


Our young heroes start their first internships with real pros! Put on blast by some serious training, Deku will see how far he can push his new skills when a classmate gets cornered by Hero Killer: Stain. The fight leaves a lasting impression before Class 1-A goes back to the grind for final exams. Setting aside rivalries, the students face their toughest opponents yet—their teachers.

Our View:

Taking place shortly after the events of the UA Sports Festival, which saw Bakugo and Todoroki be crowned the main winners, My Hero Academia – Season 2 Part 2 continues the emotional thrill ride of becoming a pro hero; except this time the threat of a villain is real. The thirteen episodes contained within this second half of season two offer two differing storylines; with each bringing out the best parts of what My Hero Academia has to offer.

The first half of this set focuses on Tenya’s thirst for vengeance on Hero Killer Stain who, towards the end of the previous set, had heard that his brother had been severely injured by this merciless hero killer. In this case class 1-A of UA Academy are given the opportunity to intern under pro heroes, and in order to find Hero Killer Stain Tenya joins a pro hero group located in Housu, the location of his brothers attack.  Each of our ‘Hero is training’ is given the opportunity to train with a pro, each leading to some interesting consequences, but in the case of Midoriya he ends up being recruited as an intern by Almight’s old teacher. It’s an interesting selection of episodes that focuses mainly on Midoriya’s training with Almight’s old teacher while at the same time offering quick glimpses at other characters internship, such as Bakugo and Uraraka.

Naturally this is just a prelude to the ‘darker side’ of My Hero Academia as Hero Killer Stain, who has now joined the League of Villians, begins his attack on Housu and upon doing so crosses path with vengeful Tenya. This inital debut of Stain vs Tenya may be a short lived battle; but the amount of emotion (either in Japanese and English audio options) carried out between these two characters is intense; and this escalates even more when Midoriya and Todoroki arrive on scene to assist in the fight. This segment may only be a handful of episodes; but it’s obviously the highlight of this series and – in turn – so far in My Hero Academia; and when push comes to shove it shows the true colours of what it means to be a hero.

Hero Killer Stain aside the league of villains begin throwing Nomu into the streets of Housu, of which sees notable heroes – including Endeavor – joining forces to be a stop to the flames of evil that are appearing on the streets. It’s not as entertaining as the fight with stain; but it acts as a prelude to events that will most likely appear within the third season. Confused? Well upon Stain’s defeat (spoilers) the villains begin to rally together and join the league of villains; with each offering their own twisted views of justice and evil. It’s an element that we see happen, but ultimately nothing comes of it other than possibilities. It’s a shame; but it keeps the suspense going throughout the remaining selection of episodes in this set.

So where does My Hero Academia go after reaching the conclusion of its fight with stain? The ‘not-so-obvious’ answer is the final exam and this time it is 2-on-1 fights with teachers at UA academy. Although quickly glimpsed over these few episodes highlight abilities of some of the other class-mates as well as the unorthodox approach to teamwork (especially when it involves Midoriya and Bakugo); but it’s nice to see some of the alternate characters given their share of the limelight – no matter how brief it may be.

My Hero Academia – Season 2 Part 2 once again ends on a high note; but the suspense of waiting to know more (and see more) is slowly become a bit tedious. Each set, or season, dangles an interesting prospect of numerous fights between good and evil; and for the time being it is being drawn out to focus on Midoriya’s “obtained” powers of One for All. A darker evil is lurking in the background so it will be interesting to see what future events take us.


Unlike the first part of season 2 for My Hero Academia this second part does not features the same amount of supplementary content but it does offer enough to provide variety and extend the run time of the disc after the episodes have ended. In this case all of the bonus features can be found on the second disc and include ‘Behind the Episodes’ featurettes, an interview with IGN as well as textless songs for the various opening and ending segments of the series.

For those unfamiliar the ‘Inside The Episode’ features takes a closer look at certain events that occurred during this second half of this second season, with each ‘Inside the Episode’ tailored to a specific episode with English Cast members providing their own thoughts and impressions. The San Diego Comic-Con Interview is an interview with notable voice actors of the show with IGN; of which they discuss the role, the characters and the experience of being involved with My Hero Academia.

Unfortunately unlike normal FUNimation authored releases this set does not feature the original US Trailer, which is actually informative for this particular show, and Trailers for other FUNimation shows; both of which tend to be the norm on FUNimation or Australian authored releases of FUNimation products. Naturally all of these bonus features are ‘out of the norm’ for anime releases and the obvious highlight is the San Diego Comic Con Interview as it is not something anime fans in the UK would usually to get to see.


Media:  BD 50, BD 25
Region: B
Running Time: 3:34:58 (Disc 1), 1:35:10 (Disc 2)
Video: MPEG-4 AVC
Audio: Dolby TrueHD 5.1 (English), LPCM 2.0 (Japanese)
Subtitles: English (White)
Resolution: 1920×1080 (1080p)
Aspect Ratio: 16:9
Frame Rate: 23.976 fps


My Hero Academia – Season 2 Part 2 brings a fresh new perspective on what My Hero Academia has to offer, as while the previous sets have focused on Training, Class Activities and Sports Festivals the episodes on this set go deeper into what it means to be a hero as well as the ‘real threat’ of a villain. Sure enough Season 1 ended with Class 1A taking on the league of villains; but the difference here is a life-and-death situation against a stole cold killer and his twisted sense of justice. It’s the type of ‘Hero’ experience I have been wanting to see and it makes for a refreshing change from its usual (rather family friendly) style approach.

The remaining episodes meanwhile shine the spotlight on other characters from Class 1A, their experiences and more importantly the pro heroes working as teachers within the academy. Sure enough we’ve seen these characters and teachers on screen but we’ve not seen them in action; which is what we get. A nice well-rounded approach to episodes while further exploring the world of My Hero Academia and those within it; and once again it can be easily binge watched for added enjoyed.

In terms of this Blu-Ray release by Sony Pictures Home Entertainment then the distributor have opted to use disc masters authored/mastered by Madman Entertainment which is based upon the original FUNimation assets (or alternatively it is modified FUNimation disc masters). However the discs have been authored they are presented in the same manner as an American FUNimation release with the only difference being the removable of trailers (for other FUNimation products) and the original US Trailers. This is not a bad thing, but we do enjoy watching a trailer, however this release does feature a wide variety of bonus content – including cast interviews with IGN.

Overall this Season 2 Part 2 release of My Hero Academia is as expected for a FUNimation related product; with a well presented Blu-Ray release featuring the High Definition picture and audio quality that one would expect that’s combined with a strong set of episodes that cover two differing story-arcs that build-up to the franchises third season. My Hero Academia keeps getting better and better; and this part is no exception.

Score: review-stars-5

My Hero Academia – Season 2 Part 2 will be available on Blu-ray and DVD from the 11th June 2018 within the UK.

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